SB hive

Welcome to the Sacred Bee’s Hive!

This is your one stop for information on all the goodies our honeybees and we make!  If you would like more information or are interested in purchasing something, please email me at kate(at)sacredbee(dot)net.

Honey – available seasonally and in limited quantities

What’s “flowing” right now? It’s been extracted, it’s bottled, it’s labeled and it’s ready to enjoy!  Blackberry Honey from Whatcom County, Washington; 8 fluid ounce jar; Cost: $7.00

Beeswax Candles – more info to come later; imagine a darling votive that is shaped like a three-dimensional beehive skep.  They are pretty much uber-cute.  Cost: $3.00 each

Handmade Soaps Sweet smelling Honey Shea Butter bath bars.  Available in two different styles/sizes.  Cost: $5.00 each

Ingredients: coconut, palm, safflower, glycerine, honey, shea, water, lye (sodium hydroxide), sorbitol, sorbitan, soy bean protein, titanium dioxide.

Honey Dippers A must have for every honey connoiseur!  Cost: $2.50 each.

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