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giveaway winner – redraws – updates

It’s time to do a bit of house cleaning around the blog.  I lost my head with a husband who worked for six weeks straight (literally), a last minute trip to California with two small children that left Jacob and … Continue reading

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a bit of reading: bees, slow-cookers and circuses (review & giveaway)

Reading is a favorite pastime of mine. The operative word there being “past”. I spend my time reading the bills, the occasional blog from my reader and creatively illustrated children’s books each night at bedtime. I used to be a … Continue reading

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a swarm in action

The word swarm evokes a plethora of fictitiously horrific images with bees attacking innocent bystanders and taking down farm animals by the herd.  Swarms by definition are not, in any way, shape or form, an experience that should bring fear … Continue reading

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check these out: chickens, bees & a good read (giveaway)

I am kind of a hodge-podge reader when it comes to my genre of choice.  You are as likely to find a mystery novel next to a memoir on top of a sports documentary.  If it strikes my fancy, I’m … Continue reading

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keeping bees around

Who doesn’t love sunflowers?  They are one of the ultimate symbols of sunshine and happiness the way they reach their cheery faces to the heavens and stretch their limbs skyward. Turns out that besides being rays of cheeriness, sunflowers are … Continue reading

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epic fail

I am not a very quiet person.  I like to talk.  I like to write.  I enjoy dialoguing about any number of different subjects.  Taking all this into account – the conclusion if I am quiet is that something is … Continue reading

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Bits & pieces

Some bits and pieces… The elusive organic orange juice that Costco took off its shelves is back!  Well, sort of.  Same juice.  Same company.  Different label (it’s now KIRKLAND Brand).  Same price.  Different packaging (single plastic gallon jugs instead of … Continue reading

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A date with the bees

My mother-in-law is coming to town and that means free babysitting.  Free babysitting means my man and I have a date.  Did you hear that, honey?!  I just heard about a great movie that is playing locally and I’m thinking … Continue reading

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Shining a little light on beeswax

The winter months are hard for me as a beekeeper.  After I seal those hives up in late fall, I feel like I hang my beekeeper hat up and resume the twiddling of my thumbs until spring.  The hibernation is … Continue reading

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Daddy Van’s: Love your wood (Review & Giveaway)

It’s no secret that honeybees hold a special place in my heart.  Their complexities never cease to amaze me.  I am fascinated by their social behavior and their industriously admirable work ethic.  And, their hive is a veritable medicine cabinet … Continue reading

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