hello there

Have you been looking for me?

I’m still here.

Well, not here HERE.  But, I am here in the great big world of blogging.

Even if you weren’t looking for me or wondering where I stepped off to, I needed to do this for me.   I don’t do loose ends very well.  I make endless lists.  I rely on post its, check marks and chirping reminders to make the “to do” a “done”.

So, here I am tying up this loose end.  This place.  This first home I found in the world of blogging.

A place to practice my craft and share my words.

It was a place of experimenting with new ways and different methods.  It had a goal – a project with a beginning but no real end.  Looking back, it seemed to sort of drift away instead of reaching a definitive ending.

I am grasping that drifting wisp, pulling it back to shore and parking it at the dock.

This place is no longer home.  It was like a fun first apartment.

I have a new place.  A new spot to call my own.

There is less of my name, my kids names and my identifiers.  But, there is a lot more of me.  Me in the sense of who I am, who I was and who I am growing into.

There isn’t much practical beekeeping advice.   I have retired from active beekeeping, but still have a tendency to yack on and on about honeybees, why their survival and success is crucial to our world, how sweet beeswax candles are and why honey is so much more than a dollop of yumminess.

I’m honing my skills, crafting my words and sharing my thoughts in a space that is brutally honest and borders on rambling.

There isn’t much about what products I love or what my newest gadget is and you won’t find an affiliate link, giveaway or other sales pitch.

You will read about my hesitancy about tackling parenthood, raising competent and contributing adults, how damn hard it is to have kid on the autism spectrum and why my family is my truest love and my grounding force.

You will find out why writing is my muse and why my cupboards are stocked with white dishes.

So, if you would like to follow me – for who I am and what I’m writing about in this ordinarily unique life I call mine…

Please accept this invitation to visit me over at www.walkingtherainbow.wordpress.com.

I am not ready to let the wrecking ball tear through the posts, page and html code to make the Sacred Bee’s Blog disappear, but I am ready to hand the keys back and call a new place home.

Until next time…

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1 Response to hello there

  1. ilibrarianblog says:

    So lovely to ‘see’ you again!

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