a new idea

We are blessed to have a huge lot with a very big vegetable garden.  There is a lot of area to work with and I am able to switch up experimental newbies with my old standbys.  But, I am always looking for clever ideas and new ways to try growing vegetables, flowers and fruits. 

I was skimming one of my favorite blogs, Keeper of the Home, and came upon this ingenius idea.  The “gutter lettuce” growth method takes repurposed household gutters (or another item with a similar shape/purpose) and uses the side of a shed/building/house to grow lettuce.  The gutters are installed at a slight angle to allow for water run-off and a sunny or part-shade location would work perfect.  Lettuce needs very little root room, so a shallow tray like gutters is a great growing method.  I also think that edible landscape is an awesome way to go when it comes to landcaping and is such a unique option, beautiful and functional.  Hey, Jacob, can you say “honey do list project”!?!?

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1 Response to a new idea

  1. Soozle says:

    Oh wow! That woud be simply amazing 🙂 Love the idea!

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