too many hats

If you are a regular around here, you know that things on the blog get a bit sporadic come late spring and summer.  Family fun is in full swing and we are enjoying the Washington sun while it’s here.  The blog is my outlet for writing and where I share what we are doing, so it’s a place that I always come back to. 

Over the past three weeks, my musings have been really absent due to a wrench that got thrown in our plans.  Our wrench is Jacob’s back.  Last week he had a microdiscectomy – layman’s terms: back surgery.  He has been struggling with a bulging disc for almost two years now and under the care of an orthopaedic surgeon had been treating it as non-invasively as possible.  Well…. two and a half weeks ago, his back gave out and the disc went from bulging to herniated.  The only treatment was last minute surgery to remove the bulging bone and relieve the pain, pressure and damage to the nerve.  The surgery was a success and he is experiencing “post-operative” pain now instead of what he had been living with for so long. 

Back surgery has come a LONG way and his procedure was minimally invasive, but it’s still back surgery.  It’s still the back being opened up and portions of bone being removed from your spinal column.  For the past week and through at least this week, Jacob is 180-degree man.  He is flat on his back laying down or upright, either standing or walking, for six 5-minute periods a day.  No sitting.  No bending.  No carrying little children around.  No rocking Camden to sleep.  No playing with Beckett outside.  No rough-housing.  No cooking.  No getting himself a glass of water.  None of those awesome daddy-duties and none of the normal household day-to-day schtuff.  Needless to say, I’m exhausted.  Two kids.  One patient.  One house.  A dog who doesn’t pull his weight (just kidding, Tucker) and this momma is tired. 

We have been blessed with friends and family helping with dinners.  And, Jacob’s work is going to help accomodate his “light-duty” prescription when he is ready to head back.  The girls are doing their best to roll with the change in the house.  I am operating in survival mode and putting a lot of things on the back burner (read: blog, freelance articles, etc…). 

I miss being here.  I miss sharing all the cool things I’ve found, the things we are doing, the progress the garden is making and the phenomenal growth rate of Beckett and Camden.  This too shall pass and Jacob’s back will be healed.  Our prayers for his health will be answered and he will be pain-free.  That is the best we can ask for.

So…. if things are fewer and farther between that the normal summertime hiatus, you’ll know why.  I’ve got some good filler posts that I’ve kept in my back pocket (er, forgot to post).  And, come post-recovery, we’ll be hitting the internet again with some up to the minute kiddo updates, eco-life tips and awesome giveaways. 

Take care y’all and I’ll see you around here!

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6 Responses to too many hats

  1. Soozle says:

    Oh my! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your husband! I can only imagine how difficult this is on both of you!

  2. Nancy Ging says:

    Hope you’re giving yourself a break once in awhile. Remember, it’s okay to let some things slide that you normally wouldn’t. Take care of yourself, too.

    • sacredbee says:

      These are definitely wise words because I can’t take care of anybody if I don’t take care of myself, right? I’m trying to remember this, but it’s hard. And, we are in survival mode, so I am letting lots of things slide. 🙂

  3. Ginger says:

    Oh man. Ohhhhh MAN! You NEED a break! I hope his recovery is fast(ish) and easy(ish) on you both!

    • sacredbee says:

      Oh, so happy to see (hear from you) you again! I do need a break, but unfortunately kids don’t give you those very often/at all. We’ll get through it and if his back is healed – we have gotten our prayers answered. Thank you for the kind wishes. And, YOU, too – remember to take those breaks. 🙂

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