growing in the garden

The garden is planted and, despite the very best combined efforts of both my children to completely consume my entire day, it’s lookin’ good.  The plants are doing swell and it’s only the first half of May.

Gardening is a learning process.  Every year I pick up new things, tweak some things, make changes and keep the oldies-but-goodies around, too.

Here’s an up to date post of where the garden is at!  Happy Spring!

Some of the same old, same old

Broccoli! I just love broccoli.  It’s easy to grow, does well around here and we LOVE it.

Onions!  I can’t cut an onion without blubbering like a fountain, but I can grow them and I can store them over winter.  They are one of the best staples to keep in the pantry.

Some changes…

Our back deck herb garden is expanding.  I fell in love with the ease of grabbing fresh herbs for dinner last summer and being able to accurately control the moisture level of the plants.  We also added sweet peppers and bell peppers to this porchside garden.

We’ve got oregano, chives (flowering with purple buds), parsley and thyme

And, some basil, mint and more mint

A new variety of tomato – yellow pear heirloom.  I always grow cherry tomatoes and romas, so this year I thought it’d be fun to try something new.  I’ll keep you posted.

NO MORE potatoes.  Why?  Potatoes are cheap-cheap-cheap to buy.  Potatoes are hard-hard-hard to harvest.  My time is money.  Or at least I like to compare it to money.  And, honestly, I have never been successful at storing my harvested potatoes over winter without having a blossom of eyes.

I am giving zucchini a try.  I love zucchini bread and I am a big fan of freezing grated up zucchini and adding it to omelets, quiche, lasagna, you name it.

We prepped the raspberries better than we have in years.  They were pruned correctly and the weeds controlled using au naturale methods.  They are looking pretty promising.

We are giving the strawberry pot a try.  I’ve always been intrigued by these and I thought that it’d be a fun new addition to the garden.  Beckett can eat her weight in strawberries and the more plants the merrier – er.. berrier (dut dut chaaa!).

FYI: That gray pipe down the center of the pot is a 3/4″ piece of leftover rigid conduit.  It has holes drilled in it every inch or so down the entire length so that when it’s watered, each plant gets adequate water.

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