cheesy claims

We subscribe to only two magazines and they are both publications we rely on for continuous streams of information and support their philosophies.  My favorite has to be the Nutrition Action Healthletter from the Center for Science in The Public Interest.  I recently read a great article from their March 2012 and I thought I’d pass it on.  I am big in to food transparency and knowing what the claims mean on the labels.

Cheesy Claims: What does it mean?

  • Natural: Any cheese that hasn’t been processed can be called “natural”.  Processed cheese has been heated to a liquid state and then flattened/cooled into sheets.  Think American cheese…
  • Lactose Free: All hard cheeses are lactose free (or close to it).  Why?  Lactose, the sugar in milk, gets broken down and fermented into lactic acid  by the same bacteria that turn milk into cheese.I thought that this was really interesting.  I just assumed all cheese made from cows’ milk had lactose because milk has lactose.  You learn something new everyday.
  • Low-carb: The only carb in cheese in lactose, so all cheese is low-carb.
  • Gluten free: A viable option if you need to avoid the trace amounts of gluten that might be in food from being made in the same plant as breads, crackers or other grain foods.

Source: Nutrition Action Healthletter, March 2012; page 14

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