Great Cloth Diaper Change

Earth Day is quickly aproaching and it’s a good time to remember the value and importance of this planet we live on.  This year on April 21st is the Great Cloth Diaper Change.  This is the second year of this event and it’s a time to raise awareness for cloth diapering and the waste of disposable diapers by simultaneously changing the bums of over 6,000 babies worldwide.  The goal is to break the Guiness Book World Record. 

You all know I’m a HUGE cloth diapering fan and would love to be part of this event.  Jacob’s 32nd birthday is the same weekend and by golly, if that man of mine actually has a day off, we’ll be celebrating with a date.  But, I encourage you to check out the event.  There is one taking place in Bellingham and hey, if it is happening here in Poedunk County, I’m sure there might be one near you. 

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