whatcha been up to?

Our life has been busier than ever lately and the blog tends to take a hit when I am treading water.  I sorta step on it and just hope it doesn’t need any attention while I keep my chin up.  But, things have been going great.  I am loving being home with both girls and we are settling into a wonderful routine.  I can honestly say  – I don’t miss the job at all.  I thought it would be so hard to leave, but I didn’t realize how blissful (and challenging!) it’d be to take on this new job.  Taking into account that we’ve been busy, I’ve decided to hit you with some headlines and giving you the heads up of what we’ve been up to lately.

double whammy

Refineries are a way of life around here.  Two major oil refineries employ thousands people in our county and “turnarounds” are part of the life.  Sticking to basics – the turnaround is a time when the refinery shuts down entirely or a portion of operations and uses the time to remodel, maintain, fix, tune-up or any combination thereof.   Lots of extra help is brought in and since the refinery is losing BIG bucks by the day, people are working round the clock.  This current turnaround is about six weeks long and Jacob is scheduled for at least 60 hours per week.  Week 3 just got over and he put in 84 hours the last two weeks.  The money is awesome and it’s just for a short time, but it’s tough with two little ones.  And, then it’s extra tough when you get body slammed with the flu.  Yes, the real flu – the one with high fevers, bodyaches,  sore throat, coughing and everything in between.  Jacob got it for the start of week 2 and kept going.  Then Beckett got hit and Camden and I finished it off.  We are finally starting to feel alive again and have made the turn back towards healthy.  A husband working a ton and two girls who miss their daddy doesn’t seem nearly as tough now that we don’t have the flu. 

I love to laugh

I have this supremely awesome window most afternoons when both girls take a nap,  the house is quiet and I get my “me” time.  Of course, the time frame is always smaller than the to do list.  But, I cherish it nonetheless.  Laughing is one of my favorite ways to burn calories and I think that it’s the quickest way to turn the mood/day/everything around.  The “Ellen Show” with Ellen Degeneres has become my daily laugh.  I can watch it while I load the dishes, move the laundry, sweep the floor, etc….  It’s good clean humor.  And, the HOT GLAM GIRL feature is side-splitting funny.

you’re not welcome here

In early February, we discovered a very unwelcome roommate had moved in with the chickens.  We put together the pieces: missing chicken food, tunnels from crawl space to coop, haphazard nesting materials and what we found were stubborn nocturnal visitors – rats.  We tried every eco-friendly method to rid ourselves of the rats, but what it came down to was… where there were chickens, the rats would stay.  And, what do you know?  As soon as I found a good home for the hens, the rats found a new home, too – not our house.  It was hard to see them go and many tears were shed, especially from Beckett, but the new chicks are on order and we have the plans drafted for a predator-proof coop.  Timeline: see “end of turnaround” for fabrication of said coop.

dance with me

I am thinking it’s time to drag that man of mine out onto the dance floor and learn how to move it with style.  If we can get our ducks in a row – a.k.a. sitters for Camden and Beckett – I’m gonna sign us up for ballroom dancing.  I think it’ll be a great way to have some fun and learn how to groove to the music.  Date night!

an organic hair sculpture

I haven’t had a haircut since Camden was born and I found out about a new organic salon in town that I just had to try.  I had heard the owner was a “hair sculptor” and quite amazing.  I was eager to try a hair sculpting and I was intrigued by the all organic line of products and services.  Every product that is sold and used (from your hair dye to the scrubber for the floor) is eco-conscious and ranked at 2 or less on Skin Deep website.  The salon is kitschy in the worst way with dozens upon dozens of light-up chrystals on every flat surface.  But, the haircut was fantastic.  I like knowing that there is an all-natural haircolor option out there.  I can get over the atmosphere if I come out looking and feeling awesome. 

Accents Salon in Bellingham, Washington

teach me

Last week we attended the open house at Beckett’s Montessori school.  Jacob and I were almost as excited as Beckett.  It was her turn to show us her “works” and teach us what she is learning.  The pride and joy we felt watching her was unbelievable.  It once again reiterated for us the right choice we made in picking her school.  If you are unfamiliar with Montessori education, I encourage you to check out and explore this website.  It’s a phenomenal teaching method that can be incorporated into daily life along with schooling outside the home.

And, there you have it!  Happy Tuesday!  What have YOU  been up to lately?

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