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bubble recipe

I don’t know about you, but Beckett can chase and blow bubbles for-ev-er.  Here is a great recipe for homemade bubble mix. 1/4 cup dish soap 3/4 cup cold water five drops of glycerin (available at natural food stores) Mix everything … Continue reading

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cheesy claims

We subscribe to only two magazines and they are both publications we rely on for continuous streams of information and support their philosophies.  My favorite has to be the Nutrition Action Healthletter from the Center for Science in The Public … Continue reading

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earth day

This coming weekend is good for celebrating in the Ferry family.  We have a day to celebrate my husband, Jacob’s, birthday. And, a day to celebrate, appreciate and bless this bountiful planet we live on.  Here’s to another year of … Continue reading

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buying in bulk

My latest freelance article for the Community Co-op discusses the joys and benefits of buying in bulk.  I’ve become a bit of a bulk addict and it really makes my skin crawl to buy something last minute in a wasteful, … Continue reading

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rainy day activity #1

It rains a lot in Washington.  It’s not the torrential downpours of the southeast where the heavens seem to open from above, gutters overflow in seconds and you are literally soaked to the bone walking from sidewalk to doorstep.  That … Continue reading

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giveaway winners: babee greens, nature’s path & environmental toothbrush

Okay people, it’s time to get ready for some giveaway winners… The winner of the giveaway of food from Nature’s Path is… GABRIELLE KC The THREE winners of the giveaway of compostable toothbrushes from Environmental Toothbrush are… LIKWAN BECKY ALU … Continue reading

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Great Cloth Diaper Change

Earth Day is quickly aproaching and it’s a good time to remember the value and importance of this planet we live on.  This year on April 21st is the Great Cloth Diaper Change.  This is the second year of this … Continue reading

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an investment worth making: Naturepedic, Boba, Puddlegear & Autonomie Project

I am a consignment store freakazoid through and through when it comes to shopping for kids.  Chances are VERY high that if you peruse our house or admire something one of the girls is wearing and inquire about where it … Continue reading

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CastleWare: organic infant clothing – treasures for a new era (review & giveaway)

When I was pregnant with Camden, I did a mammoth sort of all the baby clothing I’d saved from Beckett.  It was a huge to-do and one of the biggest purges was all the polyester/polar-fleece stuff we had acquired.  These … Continue reading

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a bit of reading: bees, slow-cookers and circuses (review & giveaway)

Reading is a favorite pastime of mine. The operative word there being “past”. I spend my time reading the bills, the occasional blog from my reader and creatively illustrated children’s books each night at bedtime. I used to be a … Continue reading

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