favorite finds: coming at you via pinterest (review & giveaway)

I love wandering the internet and have found a new addiction in Pinterest*. Please don’t laugh – I know that I am WAY behind the times, but that seems to be my M.O. lately. During my late night wanderings or wee morning hour stumblings, I find all sorts of goodies. Some I’ve tried, some I review and some I just think are cool. The “Favorite Finds” post is where I drop this stuff for you!

Neve Designs: Rocky Mountain Style – Inspired & Adventurous

I feel like I’m in a fashion rut lately. I can’t seem to put together a decent, appealing, verifiably cute outfit and it bums me out. I think it’s a combination of my general lack of interest in clothing, two children always in tow and a wardrobe that is out of date and in need of some major revamping. When I do find something I love, I tend to hold onto it like a lifeline and it becomes a weekly staple in my ensembles for the week.

And, boy oh boy, have I found something I love. Neve Designs is a company based out of Colorado – which by the way seems to the be on the hippest eco-states right behind Washington (of course!). Neve Designs makes fantastically gorgeous clothing from 100% ultra fine merino wool. The patterns take a fun and funky turn on classic Nordic styles and gives them an extra punch with bold, bright colors and intricate details. I love that the patterns are eye-poppers that give your outfit the boldness so many of us shy away from. The 100% ultra fine merino wool is unbelievably luxurious. It has an awesome weight to it that fits your body’s curves just right, offers incredible warmth without any bulk and is sweetly soft to the skin.

Neve Designs is a company that I am proud to showcase because their fabrics and materials are all natural, their clothing is made in the great state of Colorado and their quality is impeccable. Just wearing the sweater brings a bit of the Rocky Mountain beauty to me.

Where to buy? Check out Neve Designs’ website. Get socially connected: Become a fan on Facebook and Twitter.

Environmental Toothbrush: Such a simple change for you. Such a big change for the earth.

Traditional toothbrushes and shaving razors seems like such a waste. Their lifespan is often short and the unrecyclable waste ends up cluttering landfills. Not to mention the cost of “disposable” adds up in the long run. Our shaving razors have been replaced by straight blades (with nary a cut a sight for Jacob!) and we’ve found a new solution to our on-the-go toothbrushes – the Environmental Toothbrush!

We opt for a high-end electric toothbrush that we received for a wedding present ten-plus years ago, but use manual toothbrushes for trips and camping. Environmental Toothbrushes is a company out of Australia (another awesome eco-place to be) that has put together compostable toothbrushes! The handles are made from one of my favorite renewable materials – bamboo and the bristles are a polymer that’s resistant to bacterial growth. The brushes come in medium and soft for adults and a child’s size, too. Beckett gets a kick out of having a “wooden” toothbrush.

For having all these awesome eco-friendly qualities, the toothbrushes are also cost conscious. They are sold in 12-packs for $36 and average out to less than the plastic store-brands. Environmental Toothbrushes are definitely worth the switch.

Where to buy? Check out Environmental Toothbrush’s website. I’ve seen them available in oddball local locations (a funky gift shop in Lake Chelan for example). 

GrabGreen Garbage Disposal Freshener Tabs

I was recently reading an article about the dirtiest “clean” places in your house. And, you know what one of these places is – the kitchen sink. Gad! The very place where you clean your dishes, scrub your veggies and wash your hands. I am diligent about dropping the dishcloth into the hamper every evening and setting out the dish scrubber to dry every night. But, the garbage disposal is one of those hard to reach places, literally. My cleaner of choice for routine cleaning are vinegar ice cubes. The disposal munches them up and then I throw a scoop of baking soda down while the water is running on low. The chemical foaming action works awesome!

But, sometimes you need some deep cleaning with a hint of freshening. GrabGreen is a company I’ve featured before and now I’m talking about their Garbage Disposal Tabs. These tabs look like the ones you’ve seen for your dishwasher or laundry, but are intended to grind up and deodorize that grimed on gunk. With a stream of warm water to begin dissolving the tab and a flip of the switch, the disposal is cleaned and your kitchen sink is left refreshed. The tabs have a nice scent of Tangerine and Lemongrass – it’s subtlely sweet and clean, but it’s not overpowering. And, like all other GrabGreen products, the tabs are completely natural and completely phosphate- and chlorine-free.

Where to buy? Check out GrabGreen’s website to purchase. Get socially connected and follow GrabGreen on Facebook.

Cloth Diaper Wipes

I am a huge fan of cloth diapering. I just love it. It’s easy, it’s effective and it’s cheap. The investment is a one-time thing and once you get in the soaking and washing groove, it’s just a perfect diapering solution. I avoided cloth wipes for at the beginning of our cloth diapering transition because I thought it would just be an unnecessary step. Now that we’ve added them, they are something that every single cloth diapering family should be using.

We load up the wipes warmer that we were given as a baby gift with Beckett. It keeps the wipes moistened and warm. For on the go, I stock up a reusable ziploc bag with premoistened wipes that are ready for diaper changes. I can just toss the wipes into the soaking bin and wash with the diapers. They wash with them, dry with them and are folded when they are ready. So easy from start to finish! And, they do a MUCH better job than any disposable wipe.

Where to buy? My faves are the Tiny Tush cloth wipes. They are cheap at around $15/dozen and have the right amount of terry cloth grooves for cleaning, but are also soft to baby’s skin. We’ve 36 wipes and that’s plenty for at home diaper changes and a stock pile in the diaper bag.

*Want to follow me on Pinterest? I am on there under Kate Ferry. I’d love to see a familiar face!

Feeling a bit guilty throwing away your plastic toothbrushes? Get in the groove with this giveaway…

Three {!!} lucky Sacred Bee Blog readers will win a:

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Interested in entering the giveaway? Comment on this post and tell me: Do you use a disposable, a compostable or an electric toothbrush?

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  1. Emily N says:

    I use a disposable toothbrush currently.

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    retweeted as prizepuzzle

  3. Meg T says:

    I use a disposable toothbrush : /

  4. Meg T says:

    Facebook fan!

  5. Becky says:

    I use a disposable toothbrush. My daughter’s Pre-K is involved in a program that upcycles them.

  6. Becky says:

    I subscribe via email.

  7. Becky says:

    I subscribe via a reader.

  8. Gabrielle KC says:

    I use a compostable toothbrush…but would love this one!
    I subscribe via email.

  9. ilibrarianblog says:

    I use a disposable one.

  10. ilibrarianblog says:

    I subscribe via email. Hm, I guess it’s time to at least peek at Pinterest. 🙂

  11. I’d love a good alternative to our current toothbrushes!

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  13. Jackie says:

    I use a disposable toothbrush.
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

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    I subscribe via email
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

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    I am a fan of the Sacred Bee’s Blog on Facebook
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  16. Marykate says:

    so cool! i use a a disposable toothbrush right now.
    also, thanks for the cloth wipe suggestion. i am planning on making some for when the little one comes, but it’s nice to have a brand recommendation for the registry!

  17. ALU says:

    I use a disposable toothbrush but have been looking at Preserve toothbrushes made from recycled plastic.

  18. ALU says:

    Subscribed by email.

  19. katherine says:

    we use an electric toothbrush, but would love to try these!

  20. katherine says:

    i subscribe via google reader.

  21. likwan says:

    I use a disposable.

  22. likwan says:

    I subscribed by email.

  23. likwan says:

    I follow you on Facebook under the username likwan.

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    I follow you on Twitter and tweeted about this giveaway at https://twitter.com/#!/likwan/status/189887046209388544.

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