philosophy 101 toddler-style

I find child rearing to be utterly fascinating.  I look at Camden and marvel that I grew this miniature human inside by belly.  Her features are perfect and there isn’t a single detail that was missed when she was developing.  I look at Beckett and am amazed at the free-thinking, little person she has become.  She is a unique individual who has blossomed into a magical child.

Beckett talks a lot.  Not just to herself, but to everyone.  The people in the grocery store, the drive-thru bank teller outside my window, the neighbor through our fence, Camden, the dog Tucker and most of all, Jacob and me.  She is not just babbling or running her mouth – she is talking and fully expects you to be an active participant in the conversation.

She has hit me with some major questions over the past weeks.  Some of these are the kind of “What’s the meaning of life?” questions that make your head hurt.  Others are questions that require delicate answers that do her curiosity justice, but don’t leave her negotiating adult territory.  Below are the exact quotes and ramblings from one Miss Beckett Olive Ferry.

The question of gender?

Beckett: Aunt Jess has short hair.  Uncle Andrew has long hair.  You have long hair, Momma.  Daddy has short hair.  What makes Aunt Jess a girl and Uncle Andrew a boy if they have different hair?

A twinkle in my eye?

Beckett: Where was I before I was born?

Momma: In my tummy.

Beckett: Where was I before I was in your tummy?

Momma: Part of Momma and Daddy.

Beckett: No.  Where was I?

Don’t sink

Beckett: Why do I need to take swimming lessons?

Momma: So you can learn to swim.

Beckett: Why do I need to learn to swim?

Momma: So, you can be safe in the water.

Beckett: I DO know how to be safe in the water.

Momma: You need to know how to be safe in water that’s deeper than you.

Beckett: Why?

Momma: So, you don’t drown.

Beckett: What’s drowning?

Jacob/Daddy: Being at the top of the water and not the bottom. (Thanks Daddy for helping with that one!)

Beginner meteorology

Beckett: What’s the wind?

Momma: The wind is the air moving around.

Beckett: What makes the wind?

Momma: Mother Nature makes the wind.

Beckett: Where does the wind go after it’s done blowing?

Literal Lyrics

Beckett listens intently to the lyrics of songs, but has yet to grasp the concept of figures of speech, sarcasm or any of the other storytelling tools that are part of the songs.

Beckett: What does he mean – “Catch my disease”? (Catch My Disease by Ben Lee)

Why does she want Santa to bring her a boyfriend for Christmas?  Santa brings stuff for under the tree. (All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey)

Where did the unicorns float away to? (The Unicorn Song by the Irish Rovers)

Real or pretend?

And, finally – the question we are asked before, during and after every single movie or show she watches…

Is this real or pretend?  Can I go there or just watch it on t.v.?

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3 Responses to philosophy 101 toddler-style

  1. Cathi Kosanovic says:

    she is priceless…xoxo Beckett.

  2. I absolutely love that girl! Great questions Beckett (and I am “oy vey”ing for you as a mother who understands)!! I have to say this is one of my favorite posts so far. 🙂 Nicely done!

  3. ilibrarianblog says:

    Lovely. We learn so much by the questions.

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