freelance work: sip-t

I am still the kind of freelance writer who gets paid in resume filler instead of dolla-dollas (money).  But, writing is my passion.  I use this blog as a platform for refining my craft and an outlet for expression.  I also write for a few local publications – one of which pays me in coupons for food at the local co-op (yay for free food!) and the other that’s just a pretty magazine and good exposure for my name.

My latest contribution to the local, and pretty, magazine – Bellingham Alive – is about an awesome local company, Sip-T.  The company makes, blends and packages artisan teas sourced from mainly local and organic ingredients.  Sip-T is run by a mother-daughter duo and is innovative in so many ways, from the tea blends to the packaging.

Below is my original article, the one that I submitted for publication.  The second link is the severely edited, borderline hacked, article that doesn’t include some of the brightest points of Sip-T’s star.  I hope you enjoy them!

Original Sip-T Article

Published Sip-T Article

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