or sleep?

During the first few days weeks months lifetimes with a newborn – I am left asking the proverbial question of “or sleep?”

Yesterday I had the choice to clean the house, move a load or two of laundry through, unload the dishwasher and fill it with a good 24 hours accumulation of dirty dishes, put away the folded laundry from who-knows-when, sweep the floor of the endless fluff of dog hair, cracker crumbs and other bits leftover from Thanksgiving, check the chickens for eggs, do any of the other things that have been waiting for attention or sleep. I chose to sleep. And, damn it felt guh-ood. Both girls slept simultaneously for almost two and half hours (can you say ‘miracle’?!) and I got a solid two hour nap. This followed a night when I squeaked in only four hours of sleep. I woke up to a house that still desperately needed my attention, a dinner that was uncomfortably past its necessary start time, but I felt great. And, it was so worth making the choice to sleep.

On another note – as you might have noticed, this blog has taken a hit when it comes to the frequency of postings.  I feel like a million bucks if I pull together washed hair, clean clothes and two naps that coincide all into one day.  With Camden turning two months old today (let’s not talk about time flying – okay?!) we are still getting our footings.  Life is awesome, but the blog and writing in general are just a bit lower on the priority list.  Remember it’s all a question of “or sleep?”.

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2 Responses to or sleep?

  1. ilibrarianblog says:

    Great post! I think “or sleep?” needs to be one of those lifelong questions. It really puts things in priority order even long past the time of raising little ones. 🙂

  2. Ginger says:

    Sleep, almost always. (take care of momma AND kiddos my friend!)

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