odds & ends advice

I always seem to be grabbing random publications or tearing pages out of magazines that have something, anything, that pertains to this blog and family project. Here’s a bits and pieces post that pulls together these random tidbits of advice and helpful hints. Take what you will.


  • Wash berries in a bath of water with a splash of vinegar in it. I read this in Cook’s Illustrated and it really does work. I only take the time to do it when I’m tossing the berries into the fridge for fresh eating, not if I’m freezing them.
  • Store asparagus in the fridge with the thicker end (the non-flowered or cut end) in cold water. If you pay attention at the farmer’s market, you’ll notice that is how the asparagus is always displayed at the stands.
  • Rub winter and summer squash with oil before putting into storage for the winter. Not sure about this one, but I think I might give it a whirl since we have two dozen plus butternut squashes and a dozen acorn squashes.
  • You can compost natural corks from a bottle of wine. Only applies to the old-fashioned corks that are real, not the plastic kind.
  • If you don’t follow the repurposing collection advice below, you can compost your dryer lint along with hair clippings and wool clothing.

Uh, I could do without these…

These are the ones that crack me up and make me just shake my head and say “REALLY!?!?”

  • Use your old dryer lint as packing material.
  • Collect your nail clippings and add them to the compost pile.
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1 Response to odds & ends advice

  1. Cathi Kosanovic says:

    Throw your hair clippings outside for the birds to incorporate in their nests. Remember ‘Sarah Plain and Tall’. Beckett and I did this with Tucker’s fur.

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