Beckett started talking when she was 18-months old and hasn’t stopped since.  She blabs with the best of them and we jokingly refer to her as the narrator of her life/day/story.  You want to know what she’s doing – just close your eyes and listen.  For quite a while now she has been talking in full sentences and sounds like a little adult most of the time.  But, then there are the Beckett-isms – the constant reminders that she’s still a little one and oh-so-cute.

Dandelions are “windy lions”

Minutes are “mill-nets”

Bathrobes are “robs”

And my new favorite…

Cows give us both milk and “mis-steaks”.

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2 Responses to isms

  1. DOD says:

    reminds me of a little blond girl about 30 years ago who used to say “hypnopotamus” and few other very inventive words. the apple does not fall far from the tree!

  2. Cathi Kosanovic says:

    ..and that little blond girl used to say ‘mowlawner’ and ‘beecycle’..remember? And Ms. Beckett Olive also calls the stems from grapes their ‘bones’

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