life without plastic

Plastic is one of the materials we’ve been trying to rid our house of since we started this project.  It’s not just a house problem either – it’s an all-consuming life problem.  It’s a material that has infiltrated every facet of our lives.  But, where there is a will there is a way.  And, any company or website that helps with this transition and makes it possible to find a suitable alternative is a welcome resource.

A great website that I stumbled across has a name that says it all: “Life Without Plastic”.  It’s a comprehensive shopping website full of endless ideas for replacing various products with plastic alternatives.  There is everything from food storage containers to pitchers and the ultimate surprise – drinking straws.  I love that they have the good ‘ol standbys but also some innovative alternatives to things like large capacity water storage or take-out gear.  The majority of the materials on the website are glass, stainless steel, wood or aluminum.  There is also an entire section devoted to just cookware and safe alternatives to toxic materials like teflon and other non-stick materials.

It’s refreshing to find a single source for an entire host of plastic alternatives.  The website is organized and easy to use and the customer service is spot-on.  I have ordered a handful of different items and I like that their varied selection offers a one-stop-shop sort of experience.  The prices are competitive and the company has done an impressive job of introducing the consumer to new companies, new products and affordable plastic alternatives.  Check out Life Without Plastic!

Shop on Life Without Plastic’s website, become a fan on facebook and twitter, visit their blog or sign up for their newsletter for the latest updates!

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