three year celebration

Three years ago on August 28th, I gave birth to one of the loves of my life: Beckett.  Her first birthday was a hard pill to swallow.  I chocked up the warp speed at which the first twelve months flew by to just being a survival mode.  It was nursing, sleepless nights, learning how to wear the parenting hat and becoming a family of three instead of two. But her second birthday was a mind numbing shock.  I had no excuse for losing track of twelve months so easily.  My baby was no longer that – a baby.  She was a full-fledged, free-thinking, vivacious toddler with a unique personality all her own.  And, then her three-year birthday rolled around.  Three years marks the year we welcome a new addition to the family and the start of preschool.  It’s also seems to be a time when my memories of life before Beckett are vague at best.  How were Jacob and I complete before this amazing little girl grew in my body and came into our lives?  And, how did we live without the fun, sparkle, love and inquisitive nature she brings?

I am a huge birthday party person.  The themes are big and bold and the finely-tuned details set the mood perfectly.  I hedge towards overboard, but make sure to keep the budget reasonable and the decorations and food as eco-friendly as possible.  We are living the life of a girlie girl who idolizes princesses.  If it’s pink with sparkles and has a skirt that spins – she’s delighted.  With her incessant chatter about “Cinderelly”, you’d think we had the movie on repeat.  But, her love has been fostered from the books.  Given all the glitz and glamour that is part of Beckett’s life and her enthrallment with royalty – the obvious choice for this year’s “theme” was a Princess Party!

Here’s are the bits and pieces and how it all came together.  You are cordially invited to the Princess’ Party!

The official invitation from King Jacob the Wise (?) and Queen Kate the Kind. The insert had a sparkly crown on it and gave the details of location, Beckett’s clothing size and R.S.V.P. information.

Beckett’s request for color was blue because of Cinderelly’s dress.  I thought that pink, deep purple and eggshell blue would come together nicely.

The food was a spread of salads, fresh fruit and snackies.  The main dish was a build-your-own kabob.  King Jacob was manning the grill and the kitchen was stocked with marinated chicken, a rainbow of bell peppers, baby red potatoes, onions and pineapple.  The desserts were a decadently rich chocolate cake and butter shortbread custom crown cookies from a local bakery, Mount Bakery, and handmade ice cream from the local hot-spot (er, cold spot) Mallard’s Ice Cream.

The eco-friendly touches abounded, but were stealth.  My biggest pride was that by paying attention to details, I was able to keep all our “trash” down to less than half a grocery sack.  Everything else was compostable, reusable or recyclable.  I had bins clearly marked for compost and recycle.  All the dishware (kabob sticks, plates, napkins and silverware) was compostable.  The drinks were Hansen’s natural soda in aluminum cans and lemonade served in our kitchen glasses.  But, the balloons were the cherry on top.  They are from a local company, Celebrations Balloon Company, who specialize in biodegradable, all-natural latex balloons!  So, even those headed into the compost pile.

All in all – the party was a hit.  The weather was perfect.  The food was delish.  The company was wonderful.  And, the birthday princess had a magical time!  Happy three years Miss Beckett!

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2 Responses to three year celebration

  1. Virginia says:

    You could be a professional party thrower! What a great celebration!

  2. Ginger says:

    Happy Birthday Beckett! And what a GREAT party!

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