moving fast

Here’s the latest news on the Ferry front from your favorite anchor, Kate.  It’s the bulletins, the headlines and the must reads.

Back to work

Oh yeah – you read that headline right.  Jacob is back to work!  Yee haw!  He’s been back for one week now and so far he’s scored a real paycheck and helped us get back to a predictable routine that doesn’t revolve around sporadic work.

Tick, tock, tick, tock – when will the clock go off?

I am now officially 37-1/2 weeks along in this pregnancy.  I am living on borrowed time.  We are beyond excited to meet this new little one, but the to do list is still a bit too long for my comfort level.  Beckett arrived two full weeks early and was eight pounds, so I feel like we are at the point where this could happen any day now.  And, how the heck did I get to almost 38 (THIRTY-EIGHT!!!) weeks already?!?

Fluffing the nest

I am nesting and prepping for baby Ferry’s arrival at a frantic pace.  My recent purchase of a gallon of shampoo is evidence enough.  Yes, it was a good deal and a savings in the long run, but it also relieved my mind to know I’m stocked up on shampoo for the next six months.

All lined up

I am hoping this is a sign of an agreeable personality trait – the baby is lined up, head down and ready to go for a birth the old fashioned way.  Beckett on the other hand was stubborn and stayed in a frank breech position from week 25 to the day she was born.  No external version, no yoga contortions, no hail marys could make her budge.  And, now that we’ve been with her for three years, we’re not surprised.  She was a planned C-section, so we’re heading into this birth as a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  Please say a prayer that both baby and momma are safe and healthy through our delivery.

Posting palooza

I’ve got about a dozen stories to tell and a handful of giveaways lined up.  Writing keeps me grounded and centers my mind.  I need to write and get these things posted before…

And, there you have it – your nightly news update!

What’s going on in your world?!

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