blue ribbon worthy

I would call my sewing skills rudimentary at best.  Most of the square or rectangle items in our house have been made by me.  Think pillowcases, curtain valances, curtain panels.  A year ago, I really branched out of my comfort zone and made a huge quilt for Beckett – all squares.   I rely a bit too heavily on the hash-marks to the right of the needle for straight, roughly even lines.  And, based on my resume, I am obviously geometrically challenged. 

But, I’ve been crafting, hobbying and nesting away these past few weeks with the baby’s due date looming large.  With a puffed up chest and a Cheshire grin – I have to say (and share here) that I’ve hit the ball outta the park when it comes to the projects I’ve tackled.  I am proud to stamp “made by Kate” on them.  There’s still a lot to do and I have resigned myself to making some pending projects into Christmas gifts because December 25th is so much farther away than October 10th

Here’s what I’ve been cranking out:

A snuggly, soft swaddling blanket for the baby.  I took an artistic approach to the tacking and sewed around the circles to give the blanket some stability and form.  Note: circles – not squares.


A perfect fall hat for a baby in apple country.  I’ve been in a knitting funk and completely lacking any sort of inspiration, so I splurged and bought a small kit for this hat hoping it’d give me the kick start I needed.  It did to a certain extent and was worth the $9 to get this final product.


A clothespin bag that actually holds clothespins.  I used to have an old clothespin bag that was so shallow at the bottom that it only held a single clothesline worth of pins.  So, I made a new one.  I found this adorable fabric on one of our vacations this summer and added trimming with a rick-rack stitch.  I went way out on a limb and put a lining inside and after some finagling got the children’s hanger into the top.  I love it!

Got any projects you’ve been working on?  Tell me about ‘em!

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5 Responses to blue ribbon worthy

  1. ilibrarianblog says:

    Wow, really impressive!

  2. cc says:

    oh you inspire me!! I love the little apple cap, what an adorable idea!

    • sacredbee says:

      Oh good – I hope to be an inspiration! The cap was such an easy knit and only took about an afternoon from start to finish. And, that was with lots of toddler interruptions!

  3. Super super awesome!! Can you teach me to knit? 😉

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