Faber-Castell: An eco-friendly approach to art (review & giveaway)

Toddlerhood is a “trying” time.  It’s an achingly bizarre dichotomy of positive and negative energy.  I can’t put the words together to describe how it’s possible to love and feel the special bond Beckett holds with my heart that tightens with each breath I take or how my world is a place filled with laughter, ingenuity, wondrous conversations and all the other blessings of raising a toddler.  And, I cannot imagine flipping that light switch instantly and have this same joyous being bring such turmoil and strife and then as quickly as that switch went on, it’s off again and we’re back to magic.  It’s just bizarre.

Our current tactic as a parental team right now is to make Beckett aware that there are consequences for her behavior and that privileges are just that – privileges.  They are something special that can be taken away.  And, the hardest lesson that we are trying to hammer home that Beckett is just refusing to relent on is the fact that temper tantrums, screaming and all the other tumultuous decisions she is making WILL.NOT.GET.HER.WHAT.SHE.WANTS.  They just bring on misery for everyone involved.  The key players in this battle o’ wills are obviously Jacob and me, but the sideline guys are the incentives and privileges that mean something.  These are what I call “Beckett’s currency”.

One of the biggest “Beckett Currencies” is art-time.  She loves anything having to do with art and I love anything art that keeps the mess to a minimum.  You’ve seen on here recycled crayons, all-natural paints, toddler-friendly spray painting and locally made moldable “mud”.  My favorite when it comes to mediums has to be watercolors because they are easily washable and the only spillage that can occur is from colored water.  My latest find is a set of Watercolor EcoPencils from Faber-Castell.  Think water activated colored pencils.  The pencil drawings blossom into the subtle hues that are classic watercolor. They are the perfect art-time project for people who thinks even watercolors can be too messy.

Faber-Castell is a company known for high quality art supplies and their color pencils are some of their most popular products.  They are professional quality and have a sturdiness that stands up to endless abuse from small children.  The wood that makes up each single EcoPencil is made from trees that Faber-Castell has planted specifically for their pencils and removes the traditional reliance on native trees for sourced woods.  It’s a conscious sustainability effort by Faber-Castell to making an eco-friendly product that doesn’t damage native forests or deplete natural resources.

It sounds strange, but Beckett tends to be more of an etcher than a drawer.  The more product-literally- that she can get on the paper the better.  This makes for a lot of broken crayons, snapped pencils and paint that has literally bled through the paper.  The EcoPencils are the most rugged colored pencils I’ve ever come across.  Beckett has yet to snap one in half – lead included.  The watercolor paper Faber-Castell has is made of 100% recycled paper, is affordable and heavy duty like a high-quality cardstock.  It can handle even the most enthusiastic painters that insist on a layering technique when it comes to application.  The colored Eco-pencils also have an ingenious feature that keeps them under control on the tabletop, too.  They aren’t round.  They are triangular with small grippy bumps along their shaft that keep them from rolling around the work surface and give little hands (and big hands!) a good surface to hold onto.

Faber-Castell is celebrating their 250th Anniversary this year and with it they are bringing some of their most eco-conscious goals to the forefront of their product lines.  The Eco-Pencils are just one of many products that bear a “green” label and represent the practice of Faber-Castell to use 100% of each tree they grow and harvest for their art supplies.

Where to buy?  Check out Faber-Castell’s website for more product information and locations.  Get socially connected: Become of a fan of Faber-Castell on Facebook.

Want to try a bit of drawing with the EcoPencils from Faber-Castell?!

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