a list of monumental proportions

I am a list-maker to a fault.  While most people spend December and January putting together an annual list of resolutions – I forgo that my annual list until June and July.  I work for a school district and am able to enjoy a small summer break.  It’s a bit shorter than that of the teachers and students, but it’s still a blissful six-week respite from number crunching and early mornings.  My break officially kicked off on Monday, July 4th and Beckett and I made sure we hit the ground running. 

I usually put together a list of things to do during summer break.  It’s my time to catch up on the big projects that get overlooked and tidy up the loose ends that have unraveled over the past ten months.  With a baby on the way and due in early October, the list is quite overwhelming ridiculous ambitious.  The most important things are the “fun” ones.  This summer is about enjoying my time with Beckett, soaking up the sunshine and having good, quality family time filled with laughter, smiles and memories. 

So, here goes…  I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing.

“The FUN Things”

  • Waterslides trip
  • Overnight stay at Great Wolf Lodge
  • See the last Harry Potter movie – opens July 15th
  • See a Mariner’s baseball game
  • Tickle ourselves silly at the Upfront Theatre
  • Enjoy a sunset sail on the Gato Verde
  • BRING THE CAMERA EVERYWHERE I GO!  I am notorious for forgetting the camera whenever we go anywhere fun.  Not this summer…

“The Loose Ends”

  • Make peach, strawberry and blackberry jam
  • Organize our movie cabinet – it’s overflowing and we just don’t watch movies much anymore
  • Knit, sew, crochet, make the following…
    • Something special for the baby – maybe a hat, sweater, other ideas?
    • Something special for Beckett – hat, sweater,….
    • Baby quilt
    • Start knitting the baby’s Christmas stocking.  I know this seems early, but if I don’t get a headstart I’ll be cramming before Santa squeezes down the chimney just like I did the year Beckett was born.
  • Plan and get ready for Beckett’s 3rd birthday party – how’d she get that old already!?!?!
  • Clean out the closets – hall closet, Beckett’s bedroom and the guest room/soon-to-be-baby’s room
  • Paint my old antique chicken egg basket
  • Paint/prep Beckett’s “new” twin bed
  • Pull together and sell ebay items, drop off consignment store goods and clean off bookshelves for selling books
  • Spread bark in the raspberries and along the side yard
  • Plan/do the decor for the baby bedroom
  • Clean the outdoor fire pit
  • Kill the driveway and garden weeds with my new propane torch!!!
  • Clean out the file cabinet and shred, shred, shred
  • Sell (?) our dishes and look into a “new” to us set – we have had the same dishes since we were married 9 years ago and I think we’re ready for a change.  Anybody have Fiestaware and like/hate it?
  • Work on securing freelance writing jobs and lining up contacts
  • Clean out/sort through Beckett’s toys – why do we have so many that she doesn’t play with?!
  • Try making yogurt – I need to stop saying/typing this and just do it
  • Try canning green beans…
  • Fix/mend Beckett’s worn out winter hats that are loved, but ratty

And, one thing I can actually check off the list already…

  • Sort through and toss crafting materials, yarn, fabric remnants and gift wrapping supplies.  This was the perfect project for both Beckett and I to do together because it was all about pulling EVERYTHING out (before nap) and then putting it all back in an organized fashion (during nap).
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11 Responses to a list of monumental proportions

  1. Cutzi says:

    I LOVE our Fiestaware. I have all white but any color would be nice.

  2. Karla says:

    I used to be a true “dish switcher” say that 3 times fast! I’d change every couple of years but not since I started collecting fiestaware a few years ago. I absolutely love them and they are super durable and led free, and there is no end to the serving and extra pieces you can get.

    • sacredbee says:

      So happy to see you on here and commenting!!!! 🙂 I know that you are a big fiestaware fan and I like the idea of mismatched colors in a rainbow of variety!

  3. Eileen says:

    If you and Beckett just want come and play on the beach you can come visit me if I’m home…

    • sacredbee says:

      Thanks for the invite. We might just do that. I think that Beckett would love the ferry ride over to the island! 🙂 Do you have any organic raspberries or no spray raspberries over there? Maybe we’ll come picking over there if you do.

  4. I have Fiestaware and I love it too. We have all mismatched colors, and I like that the bowls come in big (for me) and little (for my 3 year old) sizes.

  5. kacee says:

    I love our Fiestaware. I also have a mismatched colors, all bright ones though. I love that it is oven safe too!

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