garden update

We skipped spring in Washington and seem to have hit summer straight from winter.  No complaints on this end now that the clouds have parted, the snow has stopped and the temperatures are in the 70s.

The garden is blossoming, blooming and thriving.  This promises to be our best year yet…

With July just around the corner, the blueberry bush blossoms (say that ten times fast…) are starting to resemble sweet, round berries

Weeding is terrible when I’m not pregnant with a bulbous belly, so I am focused on employing mulch in the garden this year.  I want “help” controlling the weeds without toxic sprays and extra man/woman hours.  The pumpkins seem to be thriving in their mulch covered bed!

The chickens are still free-range, just not whole-yard-free-range.  No more poop in the grass or covering our deck.  And, the vegetable garden is 100% chicken free.  With some leftover fence posts and chicken wire, we have one of the best improvements to our yard this year.

The peach tree we purchased last spring is proving to be a spectacular addition.  Who knew you could grow peaches in Washington?  Who knew you could get peaches the first year?  We didn’t that’s for sure!  I am so excited for July and August!

The garden has some fantastic new stakes made by the metals shop students at the high school where I work.  They are perfect for labeling the main portion of each bed.  Love ’em!  Just ignore the potatoes that keep popping up all over the garden… they are driving me up the wall.

The tomatoes got some hefty new cages this year and the pots got a fresh coat of colorful paint courtesy of Beckett!  The are loving the extra support and I am loving the containment.

A close-up of the holes that were cut in the fencing to allow for pruning and picking

Say "hi" to Tucker in his cameo appearance!

Cucumbers need support.  I have never given my cucumbers support.  My cucumbers have never done well.  With a total cost of $4 – we now have an official cucumber trellis.

Soaker hoses are new additions to the vegetable garden.  They run the length of each bed and make for no overhead watering and more even coverage.  Who knew the hose remnants in the garden shed would come in so handy?!

Against the advice of most gardening publications and seed packets that warned me not to start sunflowers from seed in pots and then transfer to the garden – I have succeeded!  All of my transplants are looking healthy, happy and thriving!  Yeah for going against the grain!!

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4 Responses to garden update

  1. Jenny says:

    Everything looks fantastic!!! I’m totally jealous! 🙂

  2. I love your garden! I’ve never tried growing pumpkins or cucumbers. How did those turn out for you?

    • sacredbee says:

      Pumpkins are by far my favorite! I could grow them everywhere – all the time! Cukes are something I have struggled with and I am hoping that this year they do well in a better spot in the yard and with the new trellis. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

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