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Your g’morning update of the latest headlines in the Ferry household!

Blessings!  My 22-week checkup was just a week ago and we found out we are having another girl.  Everything looks healthy, strong and right on track!  Bring on the pink, tutus and a little sister for Beckett.

Changes are happening fast and furious in the vegetable garden and with the chicken containment.  More info on this after I download the gazillion pictures on the camera.

Outta work, but not outta hope!  Jacob was laid of the beginning of May.  I waited to do an update because I was hoping it’d be a short-lived situation, but since it’s now June – it seemed like it was time for an update.  Right now it’s all about side work and knocking things off the “honey-do list”.  It sucks with a capital “S”, but it is what it is and we are making do.

The “gotta buy before baby arrives” list has shrunk drastically since finding out she’s a girl.

What’s left to get:

  • Glass bottles; looking to toss our plastic ones and find gently used glass ones
  • Cloth diapers covers in the smaller size; we started cloth diapering when Beckett was about 18-pounds, so we need covers for a wee one
  • Organic instead of flame-retardant; I am working to move all of the baby clothes of Beckett’s that aren’t organic to organic.  I’ve got a count on what’s needed and the sizes, etc…
  • Ummm…. I am sure there is something else that I’m forgetting and will think of.

I have 8 days left of work before summer vacation officially starts!  Oh, and 4 of those days are HALF days!!!

How is the second half of your June shaping up!?

24 week Baby Belly

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6 Responses to headline news

  1. Lauriel says:

    You look great, congrats on the girl! We are right there with you on the laid off piece (I got RIFed this year), the honey-do list, and on counting down the days until the school year is over!

  2. Ginger says:

    So much news! Yay for the girl, boo for the layoff, yay for the almost done with work!

    And yay for looking so lovely!

  3. House of Kirk says:

    I may have gently used glass bottles if you are interested. I will have to check with my sister. We purchased them for our 16 month old and he barely used them as he was primarily breast-fed. I was hoping my sister would then use them…she is still on the fence, worried that her older children will break them. I have to say I had the same worry at first, however they are VERY durable. The do need new nipple sets. We recycle those after each child. We have 3 silicone wraps for them as well.

    • sacredbee says:

      Thanks for the offer, but I just got my hands on a set of 8 of them from Craigslist. Just enough to store breastmilk in so that we can get a much-needed date night every once in a while. 🙂

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