a bit of lovin’ and hatin’

I love it that Beckett *understands* where eggs come from and experiences the daily gift from the chickens on a regular basis.  I find it very funny that after she has gobbled up her scrambled eggs, asked for more and is met with a “there’s no more left”- she remarks – “Oh.  Well.  Just go get some from the chickens.”

I hate it when people send out mass emails to all staff at work that have horrible grammatical errors.  I work at a school no less.

I love my new-to-me maternity swimsuit.  A great hand-me-down find off ebay that makes me feel sexy and accentuates my burgeoning belly.

I hate this lonesome ache I have for my honeybees.  I miss their daily rhythms, I miss their smells and I miss their presence in the garden.  But, my pregnant back and bulbous belly are thanking me for not making them lift honey supers.

I love that Beckett is embracing this pregnancy and the arrival of a new baby.  She has decided that she is going to teach the baby how to talk and run.  She has a lot of experience with these two things.

I hate that I’m a twitter numbscull.  I can’t figure it out.  And, I think I’m missing a great opportunity to help the blog grow.  Please give me a shout-out of if you have a clue about the ins and out of tweeting and can explain what the heck the “#” signs mean…

I love that it’s almost strawberry time.  Bring on the shortcakes, popsicles, smoothies and fresh-mouth-popping goodness that is strawberry season.  Beckett and I plan to eat our weights in strawberries.

I hate that I look as pale as a wintertime ghost even though it’s June and that my flip-flop tan has yet to even make a slight appearance.  I need sun in the worst way.  Forget heat – that’s too much wishful thinking.  I. Just. Need. Sun.

I love that it’s June.  I love that my 31st birthday is next month and I don’t have to face 30 again.  I love that summer is around the corner and we have a calendar chock full of weddings (I love “love”), old-fashioned fairs, birthdays, a much needed summer break from work and vacations in the sunshine!

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6 Responses to a bit of lovin’ and hatin’

  1. Kimberlee Cruz says:

    Hey Kate- the # sign for twitter is called a hash mark. (I learned this at church!) And it is for making a statement instead of tagging or retweeting. Check out a hash mark on twitter and you can see anyone that has tagged their tweet with it. I don’t know much but have used it a bit.

    • sacredbee says:

      I’ve got Facebook figured out (well, relatively speaking!), but I can’t figure out what a tweet looks like, a tag and a retweet – they all appear the same… I need a crash course in the basics before I even start to get into the complicated stuff. 🙂

  2. Barb says:

    Yeh–for the positive outlook!!! You can come over to visit our bee’s to hear their music!!!

  3. Ginger says:

    Twitter, now that I can help you out with! I..spend way too much time on twitter, but my loss of productivity can be your gain! I’ll send you an email with some of my favorite tips 😉

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