Polished Mama: Non-toxic Nail Polish (Review & Giveaway)

There are few things in this world that make me feel prettier than freshly painted nails.  Even through the worstest of the worst pregnancy sickness days, a glance at a fresh manicure made it bearable to get through one more minute of misery.  The horrendously noxious smell of a nail salon or the penetrating waft of a fresh coat of standard nail polish has always worried me a bit.  It wasn’t until I started this project that I really started to think about what those kind of smells do to you – and it really heightened when I became pregnant.  And, if the ingredients in something are toxic and endocrine disruptors – I don’t feel so pretty.

Just say "no" to toxic chemicals

The first ingredient in traditional nail polish that makes my stomach flip-flop and nose turn is the hormone disrupting dibutyl phthalates (DBP).  And, then there is the formaldehyde and toluene.  I’m not a big fan of known carcinogens – a.k.a. cancer-causing chemicals.  After you take these three things out of nail polish, you are left with a limited choice of companies offering attractive colors, durability AND affordability.

Since I like feeling pretty with snazzy nails, I have been on the hunt for high quality natural nail polish.  I got one, that shall remain nameless, but rhymes with figgy faint.  Beckett and I sat down and spent a bit of mother-daughter time together painting nails only to have the polish disappear a mere two hours later.  It literally washed off…  Can you imagine?!

Well, then I found Polished Mama and I gave their beautiful red polish a try.  It stayed on (yay!), remained totally un-chipped after four days of weeding and gardening and money handling at work (double yay!) and is natural {free of the nasty three ingredients} – Can I get a triple yay!?

Polished Mama is the brainchild of Kristin Polston and is targeted towards expectant and nursing mothers with the tongue-and-cheek color and product names.  The two-part protection system includes the “Barrier Method” and “Impregnator”.  The nail polish comes in twelve different colors ranging from deep hues to summertime brights.  The color I got to try was their brand new red.  It’s a rich wine color with just a bit of blue/purple tint to make it interesting.  Hint, hint: The new red and its name are where you guys come in for the giveaway…

The entire Polished Mama line is perfect for anybody – not just pregnant ladies.  They call it “mother earth friendly”, too.  Whether it is their all-natural nail polish remover (acetone free!) that leaves your cuticles and nail beds moisturized or their delightful rainbow of colors, you’ll be sure that you are getting a salon quality nail polish that is free from harmful chemicals.  Go paint the town and feel pretty

For the complete list of ingredients in Polished Mama nail polish – click here.

Where to buy?  Check out Polished Mama’s website for locations.  Get socially connected: Become a fan of Polished Mama on Facebook!

One lucky Sacred Bee Blog reader will win the following:

  • Polished Mama Nail Polish in color of choice
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Protection System

Interested in entering the giveaway? Comment on this post and tell me: What name should Polished Mama give to their new “red”?

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Winners will be drawn on Friday, June 10th at 8:00pm PST.

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    New color: Prego glow

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    I subscribe via email. “Big As Life Red”

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    I think it should be called “No Merlot for Mama” 🙂

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    i’d call the polish cabernet shimmer or crimson glow

  33. Francesca says:

    I have the most amazing pair of red heels…so I think they should call their new red Stiletto Red.

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