Toddler-friendly spray painting

We’ve got a new activity that the whole family loves.  Beckett is an artist at heart and could paint, draw, sketch, mold and stamp the day away.

With a bit of leftover Red 40 and Blue 5 food coloring from the pantry and some clean spray bottles she is good to go with child-friendly spray painting.  I love that it keeps her busy forever.  And, it only requires a piece of paper, a slab of concrete or any other “sprayable” surface!

Love it!

A lesson on primary colors, too! Beckett loves seeing how the colors mix and morph.

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6 Responses to Toddler-friendly spray painting

  1. Ginger says:

    What a FANTASTIC idea! I have to try this with Jackson!

  2. Becky says:

    Thanks so much for this GREAT idea. I tried it last week. My daughter absolutely loved it! She loved mixing the colors and creating new ones…we used blue, yellow and red. She had a blast and it kept her busy for a good long while. Then she used the artwork (after it dried) as a map. Terrific activity for learning and imagining. Thanks again!!

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