The week I have been dreading has arrived.  The start of the turnaround*.

Here’s the math:

Jacob is working ten-hour shifts for the next three weeks.  Minimum.  Six days a week.  Graveyards – 6:15pm to 4:45am. (It just gets better doesn’t it!?)

  • Kate + Beckett (a.k.a. rowdy toddler) + Pregnancy + Jacob (a.k.a. dinner maker, toddler watcher while I nap, yardwork helper, love-of-my-life) = Exhaustion
  • Kate + Beckett + Pregnancy – Jacob = TBA

Bring it on!  And, say a prayer for my sanity, the knitting I am going to catch up on, the garden I’m going to plant and the toddler I’m going to feed/wash/take care of.

*For those of you who don’t live near a refinery – a turnaround is a big deal.  For a set period of time – a unit in the refinery is completely shut down for maintenance.  This means that there are crews working 24/7 for a set period of time to get all the items on the list done.  All crews are on deck – contractors, sub-contractors (union industrial electrician like Jacob), management, operators, etc…  It’s long hours, big money and stress, stress, stress.

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5 Responses to Turnaround

  1. Kimberlee Cruz says:

    I’m in the same boat BUT Jose is on day 8! Plus working a second job. I’ll say a prayer for your sanity when I say a prayer for mine!

  2. Eileen Martin says:

    The refinery during a turnaround hires lots of help for these. So it almost triples the amount of actual employees. That means lots of traffic on Grandview Rd and surrounding areas.

    • sacredbee says:

      Yes, I heard that Grandview was like a freeway on Monday when the turnaround started full swing. I can’t imagine living out there and having to deal with the traffic 24/7 for 45 days straight… And, I can’t imagine how busy it’s going to be out there next year when they have their biggest turnaround in years. I’m just glad we live close, but not too close. 🙂

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