A battle is won

I have a very, very happy marriage full of love and fulfillment.  We are compatible on many levels and the time spent laughing and smiling far outweighs the disagreements and strife.

But, since we moved into our house almost six years ago, there has been one major source of contention – the tree in our vegetable garden.  The battle between Jacob and I over the tree has been documented here and here.  Jacob refused to let the tree be cut down.  I consider myself a tree lover, too and will fight to keep the privacy, shade and air-cleaning flora around.  I even find myself adding a line item in our yearly budget for tree additions (last year was a peach tree!!).  But, the frustration over endless hours spent raking up maple leaves and strategic garden layouts that utilize what little direct sunshine the garden gets far outweighed my desire to save the annoying sapling.

It seemed after years of disagreement, the battle would be just that – a battle of attrition.  This March, I laid on my lady charm, sharpened my feminine wit, batted my eyelashes and kindly brought up the maple tree, again.  It was an open-ended question: “Can we cut it down?”  And, I capped it off with an “I understand if you don’t want to.  No pressure.”

The answer I got was: “Sure”.

OMG!  Can you believe it?  Not even ten minutes later – I had enlisted my father’s help and grabbed a sawz-all.  Jacob even jumped in and began cutting away.  Forty-five minutes later we were left with a gloriously sunshiney garden and a restocked (albeit meager) woodpile.

You will have to "imagine" sunshine because by the time I took the picture, the sun was gone and the clouds were threatening to rain...

Here’s to putting together a garden plan that allows for sunshine all-day-long!


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2 Responses to A battle is won

  1. Kathy Jansen says:

    Living in Western Washington…you have to give up a few trees for some sun!!

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