I want green carpet

The ten year mark every April means that I can shred one more year’s worth of taxes.  Getting rid of paper is almost a party in itself!  I was reflecting over our taxes from 2000 (where did the 90’s go!?!) and remembering the good ol’ days.  The days when a five-figure paycheck was a big deal (we’re talking dollars and cents making up FIVE figures).  And, a tax refund was like winning the lottery.  Who cares if it was only $64…  Well, as you get older, reality starts to sink in.  The paychecks and tax refunds have gotten bigger, but so have the expenses and costs of living.  No more lottery winnings.  No more measly W-2s.

This year our tax refund was spent on our dog.  (Don’t worry – he’s fine).  Well, let me be more precise – the damage our dog did.  (Don’t worry – it wasn’t really his fault).  And, the damage of the previous homeowner’s three dogs. (It was their fault).  Take a house we purchased in 2005 that had been inhabited by three really, large, not particularly well-behaved pooches.  Add in a single room with off-white carpet.  Then take a long day with both Jacob and I at work and running errands.  Now cap it off with a Tucker puppy who became sick, sick, sick.  And, locked doors.  And, a white carpet.  And, you get the idea.  It was horrible.  With a capital H.  The carpet was ruined.

{I will not subject you to a picture of the aftermath that led to new carpet}

So, guess what we spent our tax refund on!?  NEW CARPET!!!!

The new carpet was the first renovation type project we’d tackled since kicking off this family project in January 2010 and it opened up a whole can of worms.  The room we were dealing with is good size (about 20 feet by 15 feet) and deals with A LOT of traffic.  It’s the room that our garage door and patio slider open up to.  It’s the room that our laundry room is connected to.  And, it’s the living room – the playroom – the family room.  The everything room.

The basic criteria were:

  • Not white.  Duh.
  • Affordable (less than $2/square foot)
  • Local

And, last but not least – eco-friendly.  This one scared me because I didn’t even know if this option was going to be in our budget.  But, I was oh-so pleasantly surprised when I found a dozen different options all in our price range.  Each one was made of recycled materials and no-VOC (no smelly stuff after installation and no off-gassing for years to come!).  The pad was what was going to set us back.  If we were going green – we were going green all the way.

After too many hours with a toddler at the big-box store, we got a starting point on brands and a price-point on cost.  I headed to our local store with the quote and carpet choice and asked if they could match it.  Not only did they beat it, but their installation package was hands-down the best.  We had to take out the furniture.  That’s it.  I am a big texture person, so the samples were at our house for a few weeks so we could walk on them in bare feet and so Beckett could “carpet” her tent with them.  The samples also allowed us to match up the color perfectly to the hardwood floor it meets and take into account different lighting throughout the day.

The carpet is perfection!  There was absolutely no icky smell and the color is perfect.  I am proud to own an eco-friendly carpet.  It was the first big step in a transition to making our house – inside – greener.  I hope it helps our resale value, but if it doesn’t – that’s okay. I have the utmost satisfaction seeing my daughter enjoying her safe play area and breathing clean air.

Say "hello" to the photogenic chicken who decided to make an appearance!

Carpet Details:

  • SmartStrand by Mohawk; Carpet strands are a renewably sourced polymer that comes from corn sugars.  No extra stain protection (think “extra chemicals”) is needed because of its natural stain resistance.  Certified construction from materials that are free of any formaldehydes and asbestos.
  • Installed by Ralph’s Flooring in Lynden, Washington
  • Color: Carmel Meadows/Safari Tan – name is picked by company selling carpet, not Mohawk
  • Cost per square feet: $1.99/ft (after installation)
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One Response to I want green carpet

  1. Jenny says:

    Looks great! New carpet makes all the difference. 🙂

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