Bits & pieces

Some bits and pieces…

The elusive organic orange juice that Costco took off its shelves is back!  Well, sort of.  Same juice.  Same company.  Different label (it’s now KIRKLAND Brand).  Same price.  Different packaging (single plastic gallon jugs instead of two-half gallon cartons).  Three cheers!

Local Followers: Our chickens have stepped up their egg laying and are in full-swing now.  We are averaging 5 eggs a day from the six ladies and the two-and-a-half humans in our house can’t keep up.  Let me know if you have any interest in free-range, organic eggs – they are $4 dozen.  Email me: kate(at)sacredbee(dot)net

Here is a great article on Barcelona’s new effort to get households to recycle their used cooking oil with the Olipot.  The article got me thinking about the effectiveness of a similar campaign in our country.  Maybe something that focused on kitchen-compost containers that sat counter-side… Click here for the article from TreeHugger.

By the way – if you aren’t familiar with TreeHugger’s website – check it out! It’s a great resource and a daily source of fascinating info on what’s happening in our world.

I received an email from Slow Food USA (a wonderful non-profit organization!) and they are working to move a petition around that campaigns for the EPA to continue vigorously investigating the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder in our honeybee population.  Click here if you are interested in signing.  I did!

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