A Cluck & A Cheep

If you are regular reader of the Sacred Bee’s Blog you know that I have a few freelance writing jobs on the side that pay me in food-bucks (a.k.a. grocery store credit).  My latest article in the Community Co-op newsletter talks about our clucking, cheeping and rambunctious flock of ladies.  You can think of it as a beginner’s “How To” on chickens!

Click here to view the Co-op’s archive and download a copy of the article.

Click here to view the PDF version of “Chickens: With a Cheep and a Cluck“.


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3 Responses to A Cluck & A Cheep

  1. Jenny says:

    Perfect Timing! I was just printing out the local grange chick schedule! Nicely written (as always). 🙂

  2. Virginia says:

    Another great article! I have no plans to get chickens (don’t think they’d work out well on my balcony!) but it’s so interesting to read about them. A great follow-up to the article would be a link to your design plans for the coop!

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