A little help from the garbage man

I’ve always been satisfied with our garbage and recycle service.  It’s relatively affordable ($20 a month), reliably on time and the customer service is helpful.

I started to swoon a bit when I signed up for the Food Plus! service they offer early last year.  It’s been one of our best investments and the single greatest change to how we handle our foodwaste and trash.

And, I did a little jig when I read the headline of their latest newsletter – “Way To Save On Your Garbage Bill.”  How often do you hear about a company offering ways to SAVE on their services?  Or, telling you how to make less waste when their very function is to pick up your waste?  I love it!

The tips they offer are worth passing on.  For the original PDF from the SSC (Sanitary Service Company) website – click hereMy two-cents are in italics…

Reduce Waste

  • Watch what you throw away.  The extra second here or there makes a difference and keeps “recyclables” from mindlessly ending up with the heap of trash.
  • Divert all recyclables and items that be composted to these lower cost services.  The lower cost is an incentive to participate.  Fully utilizing these services has been the single greatest reason for our greatly reduce trash.
  • Choose products with little or no packaging.
  • Buy quality products that are built to last.  A classic case of avoiding “throw away” quality.

Reuse Is The Best Use

  • Bring your own reusable bags [to lunch, grocery shopping] and use your own water bottle.
  • Donate items in good condition to charity.
  • Patronize consignment stores.

Recycle All You Can

You Can Compost

In Whatcom County, we have the privilege and luxury of participating in the Food Plus! program.  All our yard debris, food-soiled paper (let your mind wander – because it’s A LOT of stuff) and food scraps go here.

Not in Whatcom County?  Check out your local garbage service and ask if they offer something similar.  If they don’t – become that squeaky wheel who asks if they can.

Garbage Options

Don’t pay for services you don’t need and pay for the services that make it possible to reduce your waste.

And, there you have it!  Got any more helpful tips for reducing your waste that I should add?  Lemme know!

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2 Responses to A little help from the garbage man

  1. Twilightriver says:

    The easiest way to choose products with little or no packaging is to watch where you shop. “Big box” stores, like Walmart, produce huge amounts of waste in the ways they pack their freight as well as how their products are packaged on the shelves.

    Farmers markets, country markets, and smaller locally owned businesses tend to opt for minimal packaging in both their freight and what goes on their shelves.

    When shopping online, vendors that reuse packing materials, and request that you do the same, produce less waste than bigger name vendors, who tend to use large boxes for small orders and fill the space with plastics/styrofoam. (I’m looking at you, Amazon!)

    When you choose to minimize your own waste, you can help reduce corporate waste as well. We all win 😀

    • sacredbee says:

      Great tips! I notice that the little bit of shopping we do online adds up to a lot of of unnecessary packaging very quickly… And, local companies tend to be more focused on recyclable/recycled and compostable packaging. 🙂

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