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One of my favorite bloggers – well, actually one of only three bloggers who make it on to my coveted “blogs-I-read-but-don’t-have-time-for-more” list – has a fun post she does when she is looking for answers.  It’s called “Ask the Internet”.  She always gets tons of helpful hints and great ideas and I am hoping that I will have the same success… So, here ya go!

Please help me…

1.    Cast-Iron cleanage?
Our cast iron pan has become our go-to cooking pan and is the main replacement for all our non-stick pans that went bye-bye.  I know the basics of cleaning cast-iron – keeping it seasoned by just wiping out the grease and gunk with a paper towel; and, only in the case of absolute emergencies, washing it with water and then immediately drying it.

Is there another way to clean cast-iron when there is gunk, not something worthy of a wash-down, but requiring more than a wipe-down?  Has anybody tried the ‘salt’ method of cleaning?  Any idea how to do a wipe down with something other than a paper-towel? This is the only reason we have paper towels, and while they are recycled – I hate the waste…

2.    Freezer-friendly packaging
If need-be we could live off of our stockpile of berries for months.  No joke.  I love berries and I love that we picked them all at the peak-of-the-season for a fraction of the cost you’ll find at the grocery store.  But, I hate, hate, HATE that they are all stored in plastic baggies.  Last June, I pulled the trigger and bought a single box of Ziploc baggies – we have been using, washing, reusing and cycling through these things for eight-months now.  But, the lifespan of a plastic baggie is only so long…

So, does anybody have a trick/idea/solution for how to freeze fruit and veggies without using a plastic bag or plastic container?

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7 Responses to Ask the internet

  1. carovee says:

    Freezer bags are just a convenience. You can freeze in just about any kind of container as long as it is airtight. i know several people who freeze stuff in glass jars. Just leave room at the top for expansion and you should be fine.

  2. Cutzi says:

    I was also going to say glass jars for freezing.

    I will ask Justin about the cast iron. He’s a cast iron freak lately. We use steel wool sometimes. I also use a pampered chef scraper on it.

    • sacredbee says:

      Cast iron must be a man thing because Jacob can’t get enough of it either. I had to physically take the pan away from him as he was about to pour scrambled eggs {!!!} in. Can you imagine the clean up!?

  3. Danielle says:

    Mason jars. If you are going to use glass jars just make sure they are tempered glass (I’m sure you already knew that) and make sure that they don’t get burried under a half a cow or something crazy like that. My mother-in-law uses them and it works great. She also freezes cubes potatoes that way, so handy! I am also in transition to rid our home of all the nasty plastic. We are lacking on jars so I’m watching clearance at Walmart like a hawk to see just how cheap I can get them, they are currently at $5/case if anyone is in need.

    • sacredbee says:

      Ooo! Thanks for the update on prices at Walmart. I try to scope out glass jars on craigslist and garage sales, but I have been known to snatch up a case here or there if the sale price is low-low-low. And, $5 is low-low-low. 🙂

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