Ecover: Powered by Nature (Review & Giveaway)

I am married to a God-send. My man, my love, my hubby enjoys vacuuming so much that he has actually been known to wrestle the appliance free from my hands because my skills are not up to his expectations. He randomly takes a step back, overlooks our 1000-plus square feet of hardwood floors and upon deciding that it’s unbearably dirty (basically it has been licked clean by the dog…), grabs the mop and begins an afternoon of spick and span cleaning.

It’s not just indoor cleanliness he strives for – the car is his baby. Right behind Beckett. And, the dog. He finds enjoyment in washing, hand waxing {!!} and vacuuming the car. Washing is one thing, but hand waxing – Have you ever heard of such a thing?! If given the opportunity, Beckett and him will truck out with their pails of soapy water, spray nozzle adorned hoses and a handful of rags. She is washing. Jacob is WASHING. It’s serious business. Rain or shine, he washes our cars.

Washing the car is pretty basic business to anyone besides my husband. I wet it down, scrub the dirt off, rinse it and then I’m done. If I am feeling really energetic, I might hand dry the windows.

Last time I was helping watching him wash I got to thinking. What about that water drenched pavement and runoff that’s heading towards the gravel and onto the lawn? What about your child who is switching between washing the car and scrubbing her plastic dishes and bubble wands in the suds?

The idea of using dish-soap or some other generic substitute in lieu of “car wash” would be sacrilege. And, that eerie-green car wash has an incredibly long list of unfamiliar ingredients and a giant “TOXIC – DO NOT CONSUME” label on the front.

And, then I found Ecover. Since 1980, Ecover has been developing and producing household products that are made of plant-based ingredients. Their entire line covers both inside and outside your home. The Car Wash and Stain Remover have become two staples in our cleaning repertoire.

The Car Wash & Wax has a short list of only six ingredients and each one of them can be pronounced and is plant-derived. The wash is concentrated and two-tablespoons per bucket of water lasts the entire afternoon of scrubbing. And, even on the rainiest of days, the car is left sparkling and dirt-free. I don’t have to worry about the sudsy water making its way into my flowerbeds, our lawn or the primitive drainage system (a.k.a. our street). An added bonus is the 100% recyclable container – including the lid and cap which are nearly impossible to ever recycle on most packaging – and the ease of finding Ecover products at most local retailers.

Well, for every time Jacob washes the car, vacuums the carpet or mops the floor – I’m doing a load of laundry. It’s a give and take. And, since my daughter seems to have an innate ability to find a mess wherever she is at and enjoys food with gusto that has a minimum staining quotient of A LOT (think spaghetti, lasagna, tomato soup….) – I do a lot of laundry. The transition from cloth diapers to potty training reduced a lot of the laundry, but not nearly enough.

In a constant effort to keep stained clothing from being relegated to the “outdoor play clothes” pile, I have begun to rely on my trusty stain treatments. The key feature for one of these products to make it onto my ridiculously small laundry shelf is that it needs to be eco-friendly and work. And, work. And, work some more. I want grass stains gone. I want spaghetti splatter sayonara. I want yogurt drippage and muddy cuffs outta here.

The Stain Remover by Ecover is just what I needed. It is my go-to source for last-minute stain treatment. No matter how good my intentions are, the food flung clothes end up in the general hamper and don’t usually see the light until washday rolls around. By this time, the stains are dried on, imbedded and incredibly googy. The Stain Remover by Ecover has worked wonders on even the most forlorn looking clothes. Shirts and pants have been given a new life and brought back into the circle to get worn again. I love it!

Ecover is a company that has had a long-standing history of creating effective household cleaning products that are safe, eco-conscious and boast plant-derived ingredients. From their plant vegetation green-roofed facility to their focus on traveling to work using alternative methods – this is company that makes sustainability and eco-friendliness a priority.

Where to buy? Check out Ecover’s website for locations. Get socially connected: Follow Ecover on Facebook and Twitter.

Get ready to wash your car and treat those stains! Here’s the giveaway…

One lucky Sacred Bee Blog reader will win both the following:

  • Ecover Car Wash & Wax
  • Ecover Stain Remover

Interested in entering the giveaway? Comment on this post and tell me: How do you divide up the cleaning chores in your house?

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Winners will be drawn on Wednesday, February 23rd at 8:00pm PST.

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11 Responses to Ecover: Powered by Nature (Review & Giveaway)

  1. Barb says:

    Ha-Ha–its the usual here–Wayne has never volunteered to vacuum or even knows how to run a mop…so I let him wash the car!!! If he doesn’t get around to it…I use the awesome $5 car wash on the Guide by Bellis Fair!! But he does like to use Green products! I need to check out these Ecover products!

  2. Danielle says:

    The kids & I follow a chore chart which has daily (dishes, min. 3 loads laundry, makes beds, etc.) and then daily (Mon – Kitchen, Porch to Friday – Bathroom, Hallway & Main Staircase) weekends are unscheduled except for daily chores.

    *I am a current subscriber via email.
    *I am now a follower of EcoverUS via Facebook
    *I posted a link to your blog via Facebook and will be emailing you the link

  3. Cathi Kosanovic says:

    Ha–since I live alone, I am the chore do’er. But your dad has been known to come over and do laundry load after laundry load forever. Gimme some of that stain remover.

  4. Emily N. says:

    We all just pitch in as needed. It depends on our schedules and whoever has energy.

  5. Lauriel says:

    We do everything together….sometimes its the only time we see each other. The only things we split up is the car repairs and maintenance (him) and the bills (me).

  6. Lauriel says:

    I follow publicly!

  7. Lauriel says:

    I subscribe via google reader!

  8. twilightriver says:

    This is NOT an entry. I do not own a car.

    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this entry because I am the person in my household who tends to take away the vacuum and polish the floors because they are not up to standards, so it was fun to read something from someone on the other side of that interaction.

  9. Ecover says:

    Thanks so much for trying our ecological cleaning products and reviewing them so thoroughly! Isn’t it nice to see ingredients that “can be pronounced” and are plant based? We’re so glad that our Car Wash & Wax and our Stain Remover are working so well for you. Take care!
    -Deb for Ecover

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