Rebel rouser

I’m back at it.  Ruffling the feathers.  Squeaking the wheel.  And, rousing the rebels.  We’ll see…

Costco Wholesale
P.O. Box 34331
Seattle, WA 98124

January 20, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in regards to two products that Costco used to carry and recently discontinued.

The first is Annie’s Homegrown Classic Macaroni & Cheese, a favorite last-minute-dinner in our household; and the second is Pure Nature Organic Orange Juice. Both were staples that ensured we were in our local Costco at least twice a month and contributed to the benefits of our Executive membership. Both products have recently been pulled from our local, Bellingham, Washington Costco’s shelves and replaced with non-organic options that are Kirkland Signature brand and Odwalla in the case of the macaroni and cheese and the orange juice, respectively.

I want to fully express my unhappiness and dismay at Costco’s decision to simultaneously remove two high-quality, affordable, ORGANIC products from your line. The Annie’s Homegrown Classic Macaroni & Cheese was a quick option for a family with two full-time parents and a rambunctious toddler. It had all-natural ingredients, including organic wheat, and the classic orange color was a credit to annatto, not an artificial and toxic chemical like most boxed macaroni and cheeses.

As far as the orange juice is concerned, the Odwalla option is a good-quality brand, but lacks the assurance of an organic certification that the Pure Nature Organic Orange Juice offered. For the same price of $6.00 per gallon, the only option is a sub-par, possibility pesticide and chemical-laden variety.

My family has made the personal decision to subscribe to an organic-only diet and we limit our choices to organic, local and chemical-free. Your company is one of the places that I rely on to provide us with top-quality, reasonably priced organic items.

As a family I want to continue to support Costco and use you for my shopping needs, but I cannot advocate your company’s ethics if you succumb to mainstream practices and eliminate organic alternatives. Within the past year, I vocalized my concern over another discontinued item, the Kirkland Signature Organic Raisin Bran, that was replaced by a high-fructose corn-syrup sweetened alternative, Post Raisin Bran. I am concerned that the shift towards less organic and all-natural options is becoming a trend and it is my hope that as a company of like-minded individuals, Costco will take the time to consider these decisions and the impact they have on your loyal customer base.

I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration. Please keep me apprised of your positive move to bring back the Annie’s Homegrown Classic Macaroni & Cheese and the Pure Nature Organic Orange Juice. It is my sincere hope and desire that the Kirkland Signature Organic Raisin Bran will also make a reappearance.

Thank you kindly,

Kate Ferry

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