Daddy Van’s: Love your wood (Review & Giveaway)

It’s no secret that honeybees hold a special place in my heart.  Their complexities never cease to amaze me.  I am fascinated by their social behavior and their industriously admirable work ethic.  And, their hive is a veritable medicine cabinet and household pantry for some of the most basic needs.  Propolis, pollen and royal jelly have become routine daily supplements for a lot of people and the health benefits of honey are more appreciated.  Beeswax on the other hand is pretty much nature’s cure all.  It’s found in everything from lip balms to candles and salves to hand cleansers.  I am always on the lookout for a new use for beeswax or a product that puts its sweetly sublime smell and natural properties to work.

And, I found one – Daddy Van’s Furniture Polish.

Daddy Van’s is a small company that makes one beeswax product – Furniture Polish – and they make it exceedingly well.  It comes packaged in a recyclable tin and boasts an impressively minimal ingredient list.  The polish is made of beeswax, carnauba wax, extra virgin olive oil and essential oils – that’s it.  There are no chemicals, no petroleum byproducts and it is entirely – 100% food-safe.

If these things aren’t enough to get you excited – the scents are out this world.  If you have a finicky nose, you can opt for the Unscented Beeswax or the Baby Safe Unscented Beeswax.  But, if you are looking for a pick-me-up and are ready to slather your cabinets and furniture in divine goodness – you can’t miss the Beeswax & Lavender and the Beeswax & Lavender with Sweet Orange Oil.  Taking a whiff of one of these open tins actually makes cleaning something to look forward to.

One of the things that most surprised me about Daddy Van’s was its versatility. Looking beyond the cupboards and kitchen table – I have found endless uses.  The wooden toys that are slowly, but surely replacing their plastic counterparts need a good touch-up slathering of beeswax ever so often to ensure that they can handle another dose of dragging, dropping and playing.  The butcher block cutting boards that are our go-to for dicing and slicing vegetables and fruit have a bright new life after a coat of Daddy Van’s.  And, the water flecked floor in front of our sink – the evidence of many dishwashing sessions at the hands of Beckett – is looking less peaked and a lot more shiny.

Daddy Van’s is a wonderfully effective, all-natural alternative to your traditional furniture and wood polishes.  It’s completely safe for both our home and family and the fact that it utilizes one of the honeybees’ gifts is another testament to the hive!

Where to buy? Check out Daddy Van’s website for locations.  Buy three products – get free shipping!

Get ready to rock the smell of beeswax and love your wood!  Here’s the giveaway…

Three {!!} lucky Sacred Bee Blog readers will win the following:

  • A single tin of Daddy Van’s Furniture – your choice!

Interested in entering the giveaway? Comment on this post and tell me: What is your favorite product from the hive?

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Winners will be drawn on Friday, February 11th at 8:00pm PST.

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19 Responses to Daddy Van’s: Love your wood (Review & Giveaway)

  1. Kathy Jansen says:

    Hard to say a favorite…of course the honey…but love the candles. Haven’t heard of the furniture polish, but would love something to use on cutting boards…

  2. Angie P says:

    Love using honey for healing cuts and also acne.

  3. Angie P says:

    I subscribe via google reader

  4. Catherine says:

    I love using honey as a cough syrup. It helps that it tastes better too. 🙂

  5. Catherine says:

    I’m subscribed via Google Reader.

  6. Catherine says:

    I’m an e-mail subscriber too. 🙂

  7. Lauriel says:

    I love the Burt’s Bee’s products…and just good local honey!

  8. Lauriel says:

    And I’m subscribed via google reader!

  9. RG says:

    I am just learning about the benefits of honey, but am a bit scared of it because I have a 9 month old and they say it is bad for kids under 1. That being said, I would totally love to win the baby safe polish!

  10. Danielle says:

    We use honey for all sorts of wonderful things at our house 🙂 A few faves (how do you pick just ONE?!?!) —–> 1) hot oil treatment for hair, just heat honey and EVOO that’s it. 2) Burt’s Bees products, my personal fave – lip balm (I’m addicted) 3) cough syrup as mentioned above. I’ll take a spoonful of that anyday!

    I would like to note that our household is a scent-free household and we strive to use only natural (food-grade) products in our home. Not only for our sensative children – but because we know its 200% better than store bought products and most of the time 200% cheaper. Not to mention better for our Mother Earth. Therefore, I’m very excited to learn about this product. Our house was built in 1905 therefore there is plenty of wood to polish 🙂

  11. Cynthia says:

    My favorite product from the hive? I’m torn between local honey, which reflects in its flavor and hue where the bees had foraged, and beeswax candles, which are so beautiful with their golden glow and lovely scent.

  12. Cynthia says:

    I’m an e-mail subscriber also.

  13. DOD says:

    retweeted this one because this is the type of product i really like to use. you know me, i love wood and anything that enhances, beautifies and/or protects wood in a natural manner is something i will not only use but recommend to others. thanks for sharing this great resource Katydid. love you.

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  15. wendy fanello says:

    My favorite use for honey? Definitely not to eat it! I’d have to say beeswax candles are my very favorite. But that could easily be replaced by some fabulous wood polish!

  16. domestic diva says:

    We love honey, but beeswax candles are also great.

  17. twilightriver says:

    I have been wanting to try this, but have not been able to afford it. So, when I stumbled onto this while searching for information about uses of beeswax and other honey related stuff, I subscribed via Google reader and am looking forward to reading more of your work even if I do not win, but I hope I do get to try the polish as a result.

    Thank you for this wealth of information!

  18. twilightriver says:

    I was so excited I forgot to do the first part of the instructions.

    My favorite product from the hive is beeswax because it provides a mouthpiece for my didgeridoo, a safe way for me to enjoy the glow of candles, an excellent base for my homemade balms and lotions, and a safe alternative to paraffin dental wax while I have braces.

    Due to chemical sensitivities, petroleum products make me desperately ill. Beeswax has given me a safe way to enjoy many of the self-pampering rituals I had to give up when I found out I could no longer tolerate petroleum-based products.

    Bless those little bees and all the hard work they do.

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