I think I’m in love

Four years ago, Jacob and I took a three-week road trip to visit eight major league baseball stadiums on the west coast.  It was a whirlwind of stuffy cramped planes, crazy-hot desert car rides, one tourist stop after another and altogether one of the most memorable experiences of our lives.

The longest pit stop of the trip was in San Diego and both of us fell head over heels in love with the city.  With an itch that had desperately needed scratching for the past four years, we jumped, leapt and tripped over ourselves at the opportunity to see our favorite football team play in a bowl game in this great city.

For New Year’s we hit SD for forty-eight hours and watched U-dub knock the bejeezus out of the powerhouse cornhuskers, soaked up some sun and hit up a few local gems.

What I love about San Diego

The sunshine.  You cannot beat sunshine that has warmth to it.  In addition to my pasty white skin, I stood out amongst the fleece and puff-coat wearing natives, in my tank top, cropped jeans and flip-flops for the gloriously warm 60-degree weather.

Sandy beaches.  The kind of sand that you can leave footprints in and run along with the sway and swagger of a wannabe Baywatch babe.  And, water that isn’t trapped in a blanket of seaweed and kelp.

It’s a city that knows how to host a good party.  Our welcome included parachuting navy seals, a fireworks show and a floating wizard.  Well, the wizard was a bit weird, but the parachutes more than made up for it.

Ridiculously good food.

If you think that you’ve had good Mexican food, you ain’t tasted anything like San Diego’s fare.

{For my eyes only.  Not really.  I just forgot to take a picture.}

And, then there’s In-N-Out.  All-natural meat.  Nothing frozen.  Fresh-cut fries.  Deee-licous.

{I couldn’t risk putting my “animal-style” cheeseburger down or dropping my milkshake for a picture.}

The Mission.  A hidden gem of a restaurant with ridiculously good food.  Fresh baked bread.  A rotating menu with locally sourced ingredients.  And, blueberry cornmeal pancakes with thick-sliced, local bacon that begged for gluttony oblivion.  Their mission, quite simply, is “Urban assault food for a revolutionary people”.

But, lest I forget the Farmer’s Markets.  In any given week, there are no less than fourteen {!!} Farmer’s Markets happening within 20 minutes of San Diego.  It almost makes me want to do a jig.  Then I remember that we didn’t make it to one and I lose the giddy-up in my step.  Well, there’s always next time.

So, after a first date on our baseball trip and second date for the bowl game, I’m falling a bit more in love with San Diego with each visit.   I think I’d consider a long-distance love affair at this point.

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2 Responses to I think I’m in love

  1. Ginger says:

    Next time you visit, we’ll have to meet!

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