Biodiesel Baby

It seems like the measuring point for all events is either Beckett’s birth in August 2008 or the last Christmas – almost like B.C. and A.D. – but in this case it’s “After Beckett”, “Before Beckett” and “Before or After Christmas”.

So, sometime before Christmas we upgraded our second car.  Well, upgraded is a relative term.  We traded in our beat-up, well-loved, mid-90s Ford Taurus that my husband used as a work car for a 1986 half ton Chevy diesel truck.  It’s a beast.  It made my husband’s day like the Red Rider Double Action BB gun could in A Christmas Story.  He loves his truck.  I mean luh-oves his truck.  And, if you want to snap Beckett out of a grumpy mood or get her to shapen up quicker than any candy could do, offer her a ride in the “big red truck”!

So, why’d we get what many of you are probably presuming is a gas-guzzling, exhaust spewing, hunk of metal?

It’s the biodiesel, baby!

Moneywise, the miles per gallon is a toss up between the Chevy and the Taurus.  The gas mileage was nothing short of dreadful on the sedan and the truck is pushing upwards of 22 mpg – just over what we were getting.   We also reasoned that, for the same bottom dollar, we’d rather have Jacob in something that made his heart go pitter-patter and didn’t remind me of a granny car.

The big red truck sounds like a semi warming up in the morning and can get even the dumbest, slowest, deafest dog to move out of the road when it comes around the corner.

But, what I really love is the biodiesel.  Oh yeah!  I love that we average 40+ miles to the gallon with our primary vehicle (a 2007 Toyota Prius), but I never dreamed of being able to purchase an alternative fuel for one of our vehicles.  I like knowing that the diesel we are filling up with is completely renewable, easy-ish to find, cleaner burning and affordable.

So, if we can trade in one hunk of metal for another – a sexy, manly truck that runs on unwanted waste and eliminates one more petroleum-based gasoline guzzling engine, I say we made the right decision.  Gotta love the biodiesel, baby!

Are you a fan of biodiesel yourself?  Do you use it in one of your vehicles?

Biodiesel isn’t readily available at all gas stations, but if you are planning a road trip or looking for locations in your hometown, check out this link for retail pumps.  It’s not the most user-friendly site, but it has the info you need.

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7 Responses to Biodiesel Baby

  1. Jenny says:

    Very cool! We have a place right by us that sells it. 🙂

    • sacredbee says:

      It’d be so nice if we had a place closer. Our nearest station is 10 miles away – it just means a bit more planning and no last minute red-light-gas-is-empty trips! 🙂

  2. Barb says:

    Wayne says cool!! Same PU truck that he had for yrs and now is his son Grant’s truck —
    And its the same engine as Barb’s suburban -She only put 300,000 on it!!!! Still have it!! Grant can swap a starter in his, in the part store parking lot!! Don’t run out of fuel in it!—and if you do–stop immediately and don’t try to start it. Put fuel in it and spray WD-40 on (something-takes air filter off)!
    Jacob and Wayne will have to swap tales!
    Later, Barb

  3. carovee says:

    Do you have to do something to the engine to run on biodiesal or can you fill ‘er up as is?

    • sacredbee says:

      No – we didn’t have to do anything special or make any modifications. We took it to the mechanic first before we tried biodiesel and he said that any “diesel-running” vehicle can run on biodiesel. He warned that you can’t let biodiesel sit for a really long time, because it will get back to vegetable oil eventually… It was wonderful that it wasn’t a big deal at all, but I am glad we checked with the mechanic first. 🙂

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