Sleeping Organically: Naturepedic – Safe Healthy Sleep

Sleep is a hidden blessing with children.  Some days it’s the blissfully quiet naptimes that get you through.  They are your lifeline.  I am blessed to have a child that sleeps hard and long.  Naps range from two to three hours and you will rarely hear Beckett stirring before eight o’clock in the morning.  The flipside of the coin is the awake time.  She goes, goes, goes and then goes some more.  Toys are decorations in our house – nothing she’d actually play with.   We wash dishes together.  Cook breakfast.  Load the laundry.  Ride bikes.  Start a fire (she crumples the paper).  Get dinner prepped.   And, that’s just the first twenty minutes of the day.  Just joking.  Sort of.

Sleep + Beckett = Happy
No sleep + Beckett = Cranky Crab

So, sleep is a big deal.   Beckett’s mattress and sheets were something I started thinking about more as we got farther into this project.   Her mattress was the blue-light special on aisle three.  We bought a new one, but we were stumped when presented with a dozen department store models ranging in price from $79 to $500.  In the end we went halfsies on pretty much all her bedding.  Not the cheapest option, but certainly not the most expensive.  At the time, I justified the choice by reasoning that quality doesn’t matter when it comes to sleep for children.  I mean they can’t get a sore neck or wake up stiff, can they?!  I completely overlooked the fabric, the materials, the chemicals, the off-gases, the hidden stuff…

A few months ago, things changed.  They got heavier.  And, the quality skyrocketed.

Beckett’s crib now has a Naturepedic No-Compromise Organic Cotton Mattress (many thanks to Craigslist and my superior scoping abilities) and Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Cover.

She is sleeping on eight-thick inches of allergen, chemical and PVC-free bedding.  The instant I held the mattress and cover, I was immediately struck by their weight.  They are dense.  The mattress is no lightweight throw around.  And, the cover could double as a quilt.  It’s heavy and supremely soft.  Even the toddler noticed the quality – her comment was “My new sheets are nice.  Soft.”

Right now, half of my child’s life is spent in her bed on her mattress – sleeping.  That’s A LOT of time.  I am on the constant lookout for “outside toxins” – air toxins, fertilizers, cleaning chemicals, but 12 hours of every day are spent with her head on her mattress.  My over-zealous vigilance with “awake-time” toxins has now shifted to include “sleep-time”, too.

When I put a Naturepedic product into her bed, I was assured that the cotton in her cover was free of any chemicals or pesticides.  It was 100% organic cotton and not some crazy amalgamation of synthetic materials, dastardly chemicals and just plain hard-to-say words.  The mattress was QUALITY.  The heft and girth are incredibly dense and its waterproof cover has non-toxic fire protection (makes sense to protect her from fire and chemicals!), organic cotton fill and a food-safe, waterproof polyethylene cover.

I know that the investment of quality that’s on par with Naturepedic has a higher up-front cost, but it’s invaluable to have a absolute trust in the environment my child is spending her time in – her bed.  And, yes, Craigslist makes the pill a bit easier to swallow, too.

Beckett’s sleep is still as wonderfully relaxing (for us, too) as ever and I feel better knowing that it’s happening on a safer, cleaner and more earth friendly surface – inside and out.

Check out Naturepedic’s website for retailers and other product information.

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