Breaking News!

We have breaking news here at the Ferry household.  No – no pregnancy.  No – no more freelance jobs to speak of.  No – no new jobs.

We have successful POTTY TRAINAGE!

Miss Beckett has officially moved on to big girl panties.

Diapers are ALL GONE!  And, we did it – we moved from disposable diapers, to cloth diapers and now to panties!

The incredible devilish circle of laundry has subsided and the accidents are very, very, very few and very, very, very far between.  Naptimes are a breeze.  Nighttimes require a potty break just before we head to bed.  But, she’s dry.  The bed is dry.  The stuffed animals are dry.

The cloth diapers and covers are washed, dried and folded into a bin.  The wipes warmer is unplugged and secured in a box with clean and folded cloth wipes.  The diaper rash creams and powders are stashed in the bathroom closet for future use.  The diaper bag is about ten-pounds lighter, now that it only houses a simple change of clothes, extra set of pajamas and handful of clean panties.   It is now referred to as the “packback” – courtesy of Beckett.

The angels have rejoiced, the heavens have sung and Jacob and I can’t wipe our full-display, oh-so-proud grins off our faces.  Way to go Beckett!!

What big news have you got in your world?  Any headlines?

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5 Responses to Breaking News!

  1. wendy fanello says:

    Way to go Beckett!!!!!

  2. Grandma Kat says:

    Good for you Beckett… Gramma Kat is PROUD of YOU

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