For the love of gingerbread

December has tendency to be marked with gloriously large goals that are like beacons growing brighter with each passing day. Then reality starts to sink in. Good-old-fashioned Christmas movies start appearing on the television, the goals slide and a few some lots start to fizzle.

This year I focused on compromise. That’s the key to this project, this life, these choices. Compromise. A give and take if you will. My compromise was the gingerbread house.

Sometime during the turkey-induced delirium of Thanksgiving I made the decision to make a gingerbread house from scratch. I kept turning my nose at the delightfully, colorful and simply perfect prefab sets that had packed the store shelves since Halloween. No food dye for us. No partially hydrogenated for me. No white-glue laced “frosting”. I was gonna go au natural.

But, then I made sugar cookies from scratch.

And, knit me some oven mitts and stockings somewhere between December 10th and December 12th. Start to finish.

[I was too busy knitting away to take pictures]

Oh, and then there was the quilt. Times two.

So, when I hit Trader’s Joes a few winks before Christmas Eve – I succumbed. I bought a gingerbread house kit AND a gingerbread man. It wasn’t just the sleep-deprived-pre-Christmas coma I was suffering from that was my final letdown – it was the price tag ($6.99!!!) and the ingredients list. All the embellishments were made with plant-based food dyes. The ingredients were edible, easily pronounced and totally available in my pantry (one of my requirements for packaged food…). The gingerbread man stole my heart, too. He looked like the perfect solo project for Ms. Beckett to showcase her creativity.

Trader’s Joes was my compromise. Their prefab sets had everything I could ask for and the only thing I needed to do was have fun with my daughter. Now, that’s a merry Christmas gift.

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2 Responses to For the love of gingerbread

  1. Kristen Van Sickle says:

    I gave these as gifts to a few of my “young”, huge hit with the kids! Glad you were able compromise, sometimes that is really hard, but in December, I find myself doing it more often than the rest of the year!

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