In conclusion

Time doesn’t just fly, it zips, it zings, then you blink and it’s gone.  And, in the span of a deep breath, it seems that children grow from snuggly newborns to roaring, imaginative, energetic toddlers.  Based on these revelations, it should come as no shock to me that 2010 is nearly gone.  But, it does. One evening in late December 2009, I was blabbering away to a half-conscious spouse who had nodded off sometime between my utterance about a blah-blah blog and green living or something like that.  I prodded him again when he was more awake and his positive reception delighted me.   And, away we went… I looked over the original email and “about me” page that I drafted in late December.  I wanted to reflect on the words I’d put together, the goals I had laid out and the progress we’d made. Here’s what I had put together:

My name is Kate and I am the wife of a wonderful husband, Jacob; mother to a beautiful daughter, Beckett (Birthdate: August 2008) and a fantastic dog, Tucker (Birthdate: March 2000).  We live in a small town just south of the Canadian border in Washington state.

This blog is a chronicle of my attempt to make my life and my family’s life healthier during the year 2010.  We will be reducing our waste; supporting local farmers, producers and vendors; and eliminating chemicals, pesticides and other artificial ingredients and items from our diets and household.

My goals for this blog include:

  • I want to reduce our family’s carbon footprint.
  • I want to raise my family in a healthier, happier, more productive environment; from our immediate personal environment to our global environment.
  • I am hoping to spread information about the local resources in Whatcom County, Washington state and the Pacific Northwest.
  • I hope that our family’s plan, decision and lifestyle choices can help illustrate the reasonable changes that can be made in your own home and the positive results.
  • I appreciate your support and look forward to your comments and suggestions.

~Kate Ferry

I knew when we started this transition that it’d be just that.  A slow, road-block filled, pot-hole marked, but occasionally blissfully breezy transition.  Our goals were loose, but they centered on doing more than we had been doing.  Our choices would be more educated and more conscious.  Our lives more healthy and clean.  Our dollars more local and our budget smaller. So, where are we at?  What’s been done?  Where’s it all going? If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know about some of the major milestones, but there have been smaller ones, too. Here’s the year in review…

  • We said good-bye to paper napkins sometime in February once we finally used up our warehouse-size quantity.  I have become a scavenger of cloth napkins.
  • We moved from disposable diapers to cloth diapers around the same time as the cloth napkins – no coincidence and no cross-contamination.
  • Consignment stores and Craigslist have become our go-to sources for almost all of Beckett’s clothing and toys.  Jacob and I have even started hitting these same stores and credit some of our fave goods to the consignment store.
  • Ninety-percent of our grocery shopping is now done at our Community Co-Op in Bellingham and I have become a regular contributor to their newsletter.
  • Outings to the Farmer’s Market happened on a regular basis during the spring, summer and fall
  • With every email I receive, book I read, newspaper I flip open – I, Jacob and Beckett are becoming more informed consumers.  We are asking the questions, taking the time to write about the answers and opening up the discussions.
  • Gifts for birthdays, holidays and other celebrations were pulled from favorite companies that fit the eco-friendly, and usually local, bill.
  • We got six egg-laying chickens and 20,000 honeybees!  And, we got HONEY!
  • The plans for the vegetable garden were grand and organized.  Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate and we were left with a bunch of bolted broccoli, stunted corn and pathetically green {!!} pumpkins.  On a sweet note, the strawberries were incredible and the acorn squash a fun new treat.
  • Our weekly menu is drawn up every weekend and executed to a flawless perfection with gusto and determination.  The trips to the fast food restaurants are few and far between, but I have become a lover of Fiamma Burger.  Muah!
  • We have become recycling-reusing-composting freakazoids.  I love my bi-monthly yard waste pickup and I am proud of our barely half-full garbage can that’s picked up once a month.
  • We are slowly weeding out plastics – but there is a long way to go.  It’s hard in our petroleum-byproduct based world.
  • Jacob and I are working towards putting ourselves first every once in awhile… A date night here or there, a massage every month or so or an evening stroll – something, anything, just you and me time.
  • The possibilities of chemicals leaching into my food and my environment are just plain scary.  So, we’ve said good-bye to cookware that’s non-stick (hello, cast iron – I love ya! And hello, stainless steel cookware!).  With the purge of non-stick, we also said see-ya-later to plastic baggies and almost all of our plastic reusable containers.
  • As a family we are still working to juggle that intersection of family, full-time jobs, hobbies, the day to day schtuff and getting good, homemade nutritious food on the table each night.  The pantry is stocked with fewer processed foods, but it’s an ongoing process…
  • Jacob and I are in a strange place as far as health.  We both feel healthier and look healthier, but are exercising an embarrassingly small amount (Beckett can count as high as the days we exercise in a month…).  This year is going to be about putting all this good, nutritious food into a well-oiled machine of a body.  These engines are gonna be running better in 2011.

When I started this project, I wasn’t sure where I’d head after December 31st.  The project kick-started on January 1st, but it’s a slow, meandering, hiccupped path, this life we lead.  I cherish the friends I have met.  I am inspired by the incredible companies and freethinkers I’ve found.  I am encouraged to keep writing.  And, I love what we are doing.  I love this life.  I love my man.  I love my sweet Beckett.  I love my hairy Tucker. So, as we say good-bye to 2010 and look back on what has come and gone – you will not be saying farewell to the Sacred Bee (at least I hope YOU will stick around, too!).  I appreciate your endless support and hope that you share your joy for this little hive called the Sacred Bee with your friends and family. I’m here to ring in 2011 and keep this train a chuggin’.  We are doing more than we were, but this life is a never-ending adventure.  Here’s to making this world a cleaner, greener, healthier place for you and me and leaving but a tiny footprint on this place we call home. Happy New Year! If you look to the top of this blog, you’ll see a page titled “2009 Carbon Footprint”. Yes, I will be calculating our “2010 Carbon Footprint”, but it’ll be posted in February (once I get our final utility bills and can crunch the numbers…).  Fingers crossed for a smaller footprint.

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8 Responses to In conclusion

  1. Kristen Van Sickle says:

    Katie, I have loved following your families adventures through your blog and hope that you continue writing about your journey. (and maybe include my pal Tucker in a few more postsor at least a picture or two). 🙂

  2. Barb D.V. says:

    Well done!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ginger says:

    It’s been quite a year! And I’ll say this honestly–your blog, and your approach, has made me question things in our home and life. Maybe not all at once, but you make me think about how we can be better.
    So thank you for being open about this process, and for sharing your knowledge.

    • sacredbee says:

      Thank you for your kind words and your support. Knowing that there are people out there who “care” what we are doing makes this journey and the lulls just a bit easier. And, hey, if gets people thinking – that’s awesome, too!

  4. Virginia says:

    What a year it has been, following the Ferry family’s thoughtful decisions about going green and even greener. I’ve learned and laughed and can’t wait to keep on reading! Thank you for making all of us part of your world.

  5. Michelle says:

    Congratulations on a year well done! I look forward to reading on into this next year too!!

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