Santa’s Other Job Requirements

If you have ever had a conversation with a toddler, you know that sometimes you are left scratching your head and saying “huh” and other times you are left marveling at the little one’s ingenuity and smarts.  Well, my Beckett is a thinker and a question asker.  Non-stop.  Never-ending.  A endless stream of reasoning.  All. Day. Long.

So, you can imagine the tizzy of questioning that the Christmas season sent her into.  How does Santa fit down the chimney?  Why won’t he say good-night to me?  What is he bringing the dog, Tucker?  Will he be wearing tights or pants?  Will he be carrying lots of lip stuff (chapstick) for the stockings?  Where does he park his sleigh?  Does it have a loud engine like a truck? Is it Christmas evening yet?  Blah. Blah. Blah.

Well, a few “Beckett-isms” took place these past two weeks.

The first was a tragic incident involving her baby doll’s crib, Beckett doing something she wasn’t supposed to in a oh-so toddler like way, a crushing blow to the baby doll crib and a break that even Daddy, the miracle-fixer, couldn’t patch.

Beckett was distraught about the accident and after the requisite conversation that covered following rules, not playing with things you aren’t supposed to and all that rigmarole, I looked at my daughter who was thoughtfully contemplating her options.  And, with a sudden realization, I saw her march down our hallway with the broken crib in tow and place it under the Christmas tree.  Upon questioning – her response, and, I quote was: “Santa take the crib back.  Take it to his toyshop.  Fix it.  Bring me a new one”.  Apparently in my toddler’s mind – Santa takes returns.  And, honestly, why not?  Thank goodness the consignment store had one…

The crib awaiting its return trip to Santa's workshop...


But, we must not forget about the “green toys ‘o Christmas” conversation that took place on the eve of Christmas Eve.

Setting: Jacob and Beckett, at bedtime, in her room talking about the day’s events and what’s happenings of life.

Jacob:  “Beckett, what do think Santa is going to bring you?”

Beckett: “A new crib for baby.”

Jacob: “Anything else?”

Beckett: long, paused concentration; “Green toys.”

Jacob: bewildered look; “Green toys?”

Beckett: matter of factly; “Yes, green toys.”

Beckett: after a bit of silence; “Wanna give Santa a hug.”

Jacob: “We can’t give him a hug.  You are going to be sleeping and he is going to be out in the kitchen and with the Christmas tree.”

Beckett: “Have Santa turn on my humidifier so I can breaze (breathe).”

Yes, Santa takes returns and plugs in humidifiers for coughing children.  As for the “green toys” – I haven’t a clue.  All I can say is maybe this whole project and the underlying message is rubbing off on the two-year-old…

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2 Responses to Santa’s Other Job Requirements

  1. Jenny Schmidt says:

    LOL I love her reasoning! 🙂

  2. Virginia says:

    This all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? 🙂

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