Jalapeño Refried Beans

As luck would have it, I had a wonderful dinner delivered to work a few weeks ago.  Homemade tamales by an acquaintance who’s mother-in-law is native to Mexico.  Oh, yeah.  Dee-licious tamales made from scratch and ready for a zap in the microwave.

In an effort to not be completely reliant on the cooking of others, I decided (with my husband’s encouragement) to make homemade refried beans.  Who knew they’d be so easy?  Who knew they’d be so cheap?  And, who knew they’d be so scrumptious?

Assemble your ingredients

  1. Pinto Beans (I used a can that we had stocked in the pantry, plus a zippy bag of boiled/cooked/salted beans from the freezer – more info on prepping beans later)
  2. Jalapeño Juice – 1 small can
  3. Jalapeño – I substituted a whole jalapeño for a some diced ones in our fridge
  4. Your choice of cheese – I had some leftover “squeaky cheese” curds from Beecher’s in Seattle
  5. Grease – I used organic canola oil, but I’d love to get my hands on some lard or bacon grease for the next batch.

In a frying pan, add grease, beans, some of the bean liquid, jalapeño without the stem and jalapeño juice.  Bring to a boil over medium heat.

Add cheese.

Add more beans, because it’s clear the first set wasn’t enough.

Mash with a potato masher and continue to stir so they don’t stick to pan.

Warm thoroughly and treat yourself to ample tastings in order to ensure the quality of the beans…

Sit down to a plate of semi-homemade tamales (I did have to warm them up – ya know!) and amazing refried beans.  Neglect to take a final picture because you are diving into an incredible dinner.


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