One of the reasons

There are so many reasons for doing what we are doing, but occassionally I get that beautiful reminder of what it means to be here, living this life and making these choices.

I recently contacted Bob Denman at Red Pig Garden Tools because I was interested in his hand-forged garden tools.  He is located just outside Portland and this area at the base of Mount Hood holds a special place in my heart.  We were destined to meet.  We have been corresponding via email and I was telling him what my family’s project was and boring him with the details.  His kind responses and words of encouragement were poetic.  These are the words that keep me motivated and help me overcome the grumbling when there are seemingly no options for dinner or as I am burning fuel driving fruitlessly from local store to local store in search of that “one thing”.

Thank you Bob!  Here’s to a date this spring!

The words that keep the fire burning…

“…we wish you and your family good health and good fortune as you proceed along the delightful path you have chosen.  We too love bees and a life that leaves but a tiny footprint on this fragile earth.”

And, in response to my inquiry about visiting…

“Come in the evening, come in the morning, come when expected, come without warning.  You’re as welcome as the flowers in May.”

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