A turkey day menu

Thanksgiving weekend is perfection from start to finish.  The hubbub of the holiday season isn’t in full-swing yet, the weather is usually not totally winterish and it’s the ideal time to enjoy four long days with family and friends.  It’s time to get caught up on the little things that get missed in the daily routine – closet cleanings, downtime snuggles, movie watching and the always too-short allotment for sleep.

After you take all that goodness into account, you get to enjoy the food.  And, eat with gluttonous abandon we did.  The semi-conscious coma our family, sans Beckett, has been in for the past five days has finally lifted and our belt buckles aren’t feeling quite as tight.  We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year and enjoyed the family that staunchly braved the six (!!!) inches of snow (in NOVEMBER!) that dumped the morning of Thanksgiving.

Trying to stick true to our project and carry on through the holiday season with the best of intents and goals – we made our menu as organic as possible and so-so local.  It was a combined effort with food coming from all members involved and I’ve gotta say there were a few very noteworthy options.

Homemade Pie: Pecan & Pumpkin
My sister, Jess, took on the ubiquitous task of making the traditional pumpkin pie.  And, make it she did.  She went totally local and whole food by purchasing a sugar pumpkin at the farmer’s market, roasting it, scooping out the flesh and whipping up two dee-licious pumpkin pies.

On my end, I hit the table with a gut-busting, ridiculously scrumptious pecan pie.  It was totally amazing.  And, the crust recipe is my new favorite.  I am a baker at heart, but completely crust-challenged and it frustrates me to no end to struggle with three (I mean – how hard can that be?!) simple ingredients: butter, water and flour.  Way-ell – I found THE recipe for crust.  The dough is flaky and rich.  The crust is simple to roll out.  And, it freezes perfectly for last minute quiches or leftover turkey pot pies.  I can’t say enough about this crust recipe – it truly has changed this baker’s life.

Crust Recipe
Pecan Pie Recipe

Mashed Potatoes – mix together butter, Yukon gold potatoes, cream cheese and half and half and you have yourself an O.M.G. batch of mashed potatoes

Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Cranberry Sauce – a homemade favorite.  Organic cranberries cooked with orange juice and a smidgen of sugar and chilled overnight in the fridge.  WAY better than the canned stuff…

Cranberry Sauce Recipe – there’s not really a recipe, but if you’re looking for a good one, let me know and I’ll send you the directions

Not be forgotten, but not deserving of an honor all their own…

Turkey – This year I had to settle for a shipped-in (albeit fresh and not frozen) free-range turkey from some no-name company.  If I had been a better planner and not scatter-brained between so many things all the time – I’d have remembered to order and put a down payment on a local, organic turkey in September.  But, bygones be bygones.  I have the calendar alarm set to go off September 1st so that the reminder isn’t just a fleeting thought in my mind.

Brussel Sprouts – no matter how many whirls I give them or recipes I try, I think I just don’t like brussel sprouts…

Sweet Potatoes – a good time-tested, old-fashioned recipe from Betty Crocker herself.  With a dash of cinnamon, a blob of brown sugar and some orange juice – sweet potatoes can double as dessert.

Rolls – Once again we had way more rolls than any normal family could eat over a weekend, so the chickens partook in our thanks and got to celebrate with a few rolls.

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year.  We were surrounded by family, the white weather was splendid and the table was filled with laughter and love.  The celebration and the long-four day weekend were just what this Ferry family needed.

Happy Holidays from our home to yours!

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2 Responses to A turkey day menu

  1. Virginia says:

    My favorite “recipe” (hardly that) for brussel sprouts is a simple, quick parboil, then top with salt, pepper, and (if there’s any secret ingredient, this is it) freshly shredded romano cheese.

  2. Kristen Van Sickle says:

    Sounds like a yummy fun filled day of family and food! Happy Thanksgiving to the Ferry family!! Does my bff get a special thanksgiving treat??

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