On the docket

You might call me a little bah-humbug, but Christmas just isn’t one of my favorite holidays (it’s #3).  Halloween is number one for me and you’ll find our house adorned with endless orange and black motifs and I eagerly anticipate the “dress-up” for months before.  And, I’m a little biased on my second favorite because it is my birthday – but, I simply love the 4th of July.  The colors, the stars, the fireworks, the presents (!!) – everything.

Christmas is special to me, too and I am looking forward to celebrating in a different way this year.  We now have a rambunctious, lively toddler who is starting to grasp the concept of jolly old Saint Nicholas squeezing down our chimney (and through the wood stove!) and is really getting into the spirit of gift giving.  She actually looks forward to handing over birthday gifts and sharing in the party instead of screaming in defiance when a gift is given to someone other than her.  This holiday is shaping up to be magical because for the first time it’s going to be through a child’s eyes.

So, back to the season.

I believe in giving each holiday their due time to shine.  October is for Halloween.  November is for Thanksgiving.  And, December – yes, JUST December – is for Christmas.  So, now that November is winding down and we are revving up for the next month, it’s time to give you the heads up about the what’s what of holiday shopping with green in mind.

A few teasers:

  • My latest article for the Community Co-Op (which was due in November, but will be published in December) focuses on “Giving the Green Way” and thinking about alternative gift ideas.  I’ll upload a copy of the article here.
  • December is going to be about Christmas because that is its month.  How is this Ferry family going to celebrate while working within our means and achieving our goals?
  • The Green Gift Guide (a.k.a. The GGG): If you are looking for some one-of-a-kind gift ideas or things that support local and fit with a green concept – check out these future posts.  They are going to part of the GGG section and might even have a few giveaways attached (can you say free gifts?!?).  You might even read up on what you’ll find in your stocking!

Happy Holidays from our home to yours!

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2 Responses to On the docket

  1. Bruce Kosanovic says:

    Katydid – Liked this article. Wanted to share another resource with you regarding making your shopping dollar go farther. Been volunteering at an organization in Santa Cruz called Trade As One. They are importers of retail goods from around the world that promote “free trade”, allowing people and families that live in poverty and slavery to escape their way of life and live a more loving and socially/environmentally/spiritually responsible. A great way to shop and make your dollar have a world-wide impact. Check out their website at http://www.tradeasone.com. Keep up the great writing. Love you muchly. DOD

    • sacredbee says:

      Thanks for this link and the encouragement! This website will help with a bit of our holiday shopping. I like that it’s a one shot kind of place – no searching and perusing lots of sites for the same goods. You are doing good work! 🙂 Lots of love to you, too!

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