Running with Eco-Shoes: Pedoodles & Robeez (Giveaway & Review)

It’s not just the presence of a baby that makes women or even a few secure men squeal with delight, it’s their gear, too.  Everything baby is scrumptiously adorable and bite size.  And, their shoes are no exception.  Who doesn’t love kids’ shoes?  They are delightfully small and perfectly sized for their feet, but exhibit all the details and quality of adult-full-size shoes.  Many a parent, grandparent or auntie has been known to cave in and snatch up ridiculously overpriced kicks for children still confined to strollers, baby wraps and bassinets.

Speaking from experience as a recently reformed frequenter of the infamous knock-off brand shoe store, Payless, I can attest to the impracticality of inflated prices on infant shoes.  But, once you have a just-toddling walker who quickly becomes a running, climbing, crawling, jumping, skipping, cart-wheeling, literally bouncing toddler, high-quality kicks go a long way.  Children’s feet need the healthy combination of support and protection along with breathability and flexibility to walk and run correctly.  If you can put together a great shoe that meets these needs and adds a twist of funky design made up with recycled and eco-friendly materials – I am sold!  Here’s to two companies doing just that…

PEDOODLES: “Show Everyone Your Character”
Before I even settled my fingers on a pair of Pedoodles, I knew that Beckett and them would get along.  First of all – my daughter collects, scavenges and adores shoes.  Any size.  Any shape.  Anything will do.  Secondly – the company’s motto of “Show Everyone Your Character” is perfectly in line with Beckett’s way of life.  Whether she’s singing verses of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”, assembling an entire room of stuffed animals into timeout corners because they are NOT following directions or molding play dough into bite size cookies for pretend eating – she’s a character through and through.

Pedoodles has managed to create an entire line of adorable, uber-high-quality shoes made with organic, natural and recycled materials.  There are not just a handful of styles – there are dozens and the sizes fit infants through elementary age.  Pedoodles has made the majority of their line conform to “eco-friendly” standards so you aren’t left picking and choosing through remnants.  The soles are flexible, recycled materials and the shoe tops are made entirely of natural, leather remnants that are completely free of artificial and potentially harmful chemicals.  Even the packaging is recycled and the adorable box doesn’t need gift wrap.

The price will run you between $25 and $45, but I can attest to the durability and hand-me-down nature of the shoes.  Pedoodles will not be the pair of shoes headed for the garbage (ahem! – recycle).  They will instead find themselves waiting patiently for the next character with running feet to come along!

Where to buy? Check out Pedoodles’ website for information.

Get socially connected – follow Pedoodles on Facebook.

ROBEEZ: Eco Collection
Even if you don’t stay up to date on the latest trends in children’s footwear, I am pretty certain you’ve probably heard of Robeez.  Robeez is probably most famous for their elasticized, all leather, bootie-like Soft Soles line of shoes.  They are comprised of two-tone leather and detailed with a simple, sweet design on the top, toe portion.  Well, the Robeez product selection doesn’t stop with the Soft Soles – it extends to a new line of “Eco Collection” shoes available in their Soft Soles and 1st Stepz kicks.

The Eco Collection boasts the same quality and familiar design we know and love from Robeez, but has a great offering of eco-friendly materials.  The inks are all water-soluble.  The upper canvas is 100% certified-organic and the leather and suede portions are all naturally tanned.

This summer we fell head over heels in love with the Becky sandal.  They set us back a little under $30, but Beckett wore it all day, everyday.  They went in the water, over the sand, through the grass and tumbled with the woodchips in the playground.  The design was beyond sturdy and the Velcro-closure made it possible for even little fingers to take it on and off.  What can I say?  To-toe-tal-ly worth the price.  And, the materials were second to none!

Kid’s developing feet are important and deserve high-quality shoes made with their best interests at the core.  And, if you can combine a hit of fashion with a bunch of eco-friendly and recycled materials, you are doing more than okay.  Think of Pedoodles and Robeez’s Eco Collection the next time you are in the market for earth-friendly adorable kid’s shoes!

Ready to run for that giveaway?

  • One lucky Sacred Bee blog reader will win a shoe of their choice from Pedoodles!

Interested in entering the giveaway?

Comment on this post and tell me: What’s your shoe style?  Are you an always-wearing-galoshes or a run-through-the-fields-barefoot kind of person?  Do you like slip-ons, flip-flops or knee high leather boots?

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Winners will be drawn on Sunday, December 5th 2010 at 8:00pm PST.

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19 Responses to Running with Eco-Shoes: Pedoodles & Robeez (Giveaway & Review)

  1. Carol Syson Wood says:

    My favorite shoes are my Keen flip flops with big toe guard. They protect me from all those stubbed toes.

  2. Cutzi says:

    I like funky shoes with a little style. Not especially keen on summer shoes (or clothes for that matter). I’m loving this boot-wearing season. All that said, my current favorite pair of shoes are my good ol’ grey converse

  3. Cutzi says:

    And I subscribe through a reader!

  4. Mary Jenkins says:

    I am a slip on shoe kind of gal. Back in my homestate, where it’s warm, that meant flip flops or going sans shoes. But I have moved to the north country, and now wear flats or slip on boots!

  5. Virginia says:

    You are SO right about parents loving baby gear. I’m a sandals person whenever the weather will let me get away with it. I grew up going barefoot most of the time but that no longer works in these colder places.

  6. Barb D.V. says:

    Hi, those little girl shoes are adorable!! Nothing that cute was available when my 3 girls were little—we are banking on a little girl baby for this coming May’s delivery!! after 5 grandboys!!! I love slip on shoes–love the shoes at Sole Obessions in Lynden!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the long weekend!! Barb

  7. Lauriel says:

    Flip flops and slip ons for me!

  8. vanessa raschella-decker says:

    Flip flops or wedges. All the time if I could!

  9. vanessa raschella-decker says:

    I subscribe via email.

  10. vanessa raschella-decker says:

    I like Pedoodles on Facebook.

  11. Ginger says:

    If I could wear flip flops all the time, I probably would, since it’s the closest to barefoot I can get.

  12. Ginger says:

    And I subscribe via RSS.

  13. Kristen Van Sickle says:

    Just retweeted to my peeps!
    I am a LOVER of flip flops! I even have flip flop slippers.

  14. Tammy Z says:

    I am a barefoot gal myself so I LOVE the soft, comfy shoe style like robeez & pedoodles for my kids. THANKS for the opportunity to win!!! 😀

  15. Kristen Van Sickle says:

    I love any kind if shoe I can slip on. Fave brands are Clarks, they’re just so comfy
    As a kid my mom put all us girls inSalt Water sandals. Loved them….but maybe that explains why I love salt water taffy so much…hmm

  16. Tara says:

    I like a comfy slip-on style sandal in summer and a super cozy boot in winter.

  17. Tara says:

    Subscribe via a reader – Feedburner

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