Happy Hand-Me-Down Halloween

Put together a rain-free evening, a toddler who was really into the holiday and an adorable hand-me-down costume (thanks to my sis Jess!) and we had an absolutely magical Halloween!  Add in a white turtle neck, black kicks from the closet and a store-bought red headband – looks like a costume for under five-bucks!


Packed into the car and ready to go!

Look - it's a levitating Snow White!

Does somebody look a little excited for trick-or-treating?!

Outta here - Happy Halloween!

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4 Responses to Happy Hand-Me-Down Halloween

  1. Ginger says:

    I love how excited she is! Super cute 🙂

  2. Virginia says:

    I’m SO glad I’d hung on to that dress for almost 20 years! “Reuse” at its best. What a happy, happy day. [from Grandma]

  3. Kristen van sickle says:

    The little boy I work with didn’t have a costume so I loaned him one of my brothers, love that mom has hung onto that stuff for over 20 years… I think someone should come up with a costume exchange, really, kids wear the costume maybe 2 or 3 days and then it gets sent to who knows where…. In your spare time could you arrange that Kate? 🙂

    • sacredbee says:

      I’ll get right on that! 🙂 I was shocked by how MANY costumes the consignment stores had this October. And, so many of them were barely used (like you said). An online costume exchange would be a pretty good idea…. whatcha think?

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